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aromatherapygifts Aromatherapy, the holistic treatment of the body with botanical oils and highly concentrated extracts of plants, trees, flowers and herbs, is used to promote health and wellness and to invigorate the body as a whole. These pure essential oils aid in healing the body.

And in addition to their pharmacological uses, they are often used in physiological and psychological treatments.

Historically, aromatherapy was used by the Roman, Greek and Egyptian cultures.  These essential oils are found today in a wide range of natural products, including skin care products, bath blends, soaps, perfumes, massage oils, cosmetics and even toothpaste.

Aromatherapy is used to transform the use of such everyday items into a luxurious, extraordinary wellness experience.

Although aromatherapy has just begun to gain popularity over the past decade, these powerful essential oils and their healing properties were first discovered over a thousand years ago.

Essential oils contain an average of one hundred ingredients each; some contain even more than that.  The various combinations of ingredients are responsible for the oils healing effects.

Aromatherapy is considered to be a healer of not only the body, but the soul as well. Essential oils can be utilized in detoxifying regimens and aid digestion.

They also serve as mood enhancers to either sedate, uplift or stimulate the mind.

Many of these oils have antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory or antiseptic properties, making aromatherapy effective in the treatment of various ailments.

Some health conditions that may benefit from aromatherapy include skin conditions, emotional woes, insect bites, cuts and scrapes or the pursuit of a lover.

Essential oils are the foundation of aromatherapy.  Additional natural ingredients may be used to complement the oils and increase their effectiveness, including vegetable oils, hydrosols, sea salts, clays, mud, powders, jojoba and other herbs. The following are some examples of botanicals with aromatic properties that are often utilized in proper skin treatment.

Sandalwood and green tea are both rich in antioxidants and used to treat puffiness under the eyes because of their anti-inflammatory properties.

They are also antibacterial in nature, and sandalwood also serves as an antiseptic. Lavender is used to stimulate cellular regeneration, which helps to normalize all skin types.  To reduce redness, many people use patchouli.

Cedarwood is also a popular remedy for redness, as it reduces skin eruptions and itchiness which often result in a reddening of the skin. In addition to calming the skin, palmarosa refreshes skin and has strong anti-aging properties.

Both geranium and ylang ylang work as a mild tonic to help smooth and balance the skin. The calming effects of geranium work as an astringent while ylang ylang softens the skin and reduces oiliness.

In addition to herbal skin care products, you may benefit from the use of supplementary oils, including massage and bath, inhalation, room freshening and even bug repellant.  Aromatherapy can improve your psychological and physical well-being.

Learn how to use these oils to treat a host of various conditions, ranging from depression and emotional suffering to headaches and muscle pain.

Restore your youthful appearance with the use of aromatic botanical cosmetics. It is easy to incorporate essential oils into your lifestyle and doing so will be beneficial and therapeutic for you.