Are you worried about losing the bonding with your child


Child care is under treat in modern world. Gone are those days when mother used to stay at home fulfilling her child’s every need. Women are independent and equally sharing the family expenses and for this they have to go out and work. In the midst of this of hi-fi world children are left alone. The rising level of parents concern is, what if they loose bonding with their children? This is quite a natural fear because they are not able to give enough time to kids.  Some women, even start to work very early from the recovery of their delivery pain, when their baby is just 3 months old and they put the infant in a child care home.

There is good news for govt.employed. They get more than one year maternity leave but what about the pvt. sector employed? They have to go, otherwise they will be fired. Not everyone is given place in the govt sector.

For all those working women, you need not worry. The most day care centers will take babies from 3 months old and they do have special nursery area away from the older children. They will take extra care to your infant.
If the size of the day care centers is big or large they will keep more special care takers called nursery nurses. Depending on the size of the area they take. Your child will be taken care with special attentions. So, you need not bother so much.

Your reason for the worry is that you think the first few weeks of your baby’s life are when actually bonding take place and there will be hardly one or two centers who would be taking from 3months old baby. On the other hand you are entitled to go for a work. For your better knowledge there are many good day care centers that are providing good service

Find out good one to keep your baby. Keeping your baby in a care centers will not affect your bonding with your baby. Check out that they should be clean and in a protected locality. All day care centers have all the necessary things for children to play.
Make sure to pick them up in time. Don’t go for a far off care centers. This will be inconvenient for you.