Are you getting enough calcium


Calcium is the element which tops the list when someone says you to make the bones stronger.  Brittle bones and weak teeth common among children and women are said to be caused because of the calcium deficiency.  Even though calcium is said to be present in many of the normal diet, it is still a question whether we take enough calcium required for our body.  Here we see some of the sources of calcium which we can take regularly.

Diary products – Daily products are the major source of calcium and these are the products which we almost use in every meal in a day.  One cup of cow’s milk is said to have 276 mg calcium.  Most of us consume at least three servings of milk a day.

But some people, who are allergenic to milk products, tend not to have any of the dairy products in their diet.  In such cases, calcium deficiency comes in and may induce problems like weak bones or teeth.  Such people can take other source of calcium.  Here are other source of calcium rich food items which we can have regularly anytime in a day.

Green peas are rich in calcium and contain 94 mg calcium in each cup of it.

Collared greens are natural source of calcium and have 266 mg of calcium in every cup of cooked greens.

Each single Sandrine has 92 grams of calcium

Every cup of baked beans has 132 mg of calcium.

One cup of goat milk has 327 mg of calcium.  From goat’s milk, we can also make cheese or yogurt, which can be substituted for any other diary products.

Oranges are another natural source of calcium with 72 mg of calcium in every piece of it.  Oranges are also rich in vitamin C.

Salmons are rich in omega fatty acids and calcium.  Three ounce of salmon has 181 mg calcium in it.

There are many other calcium supplements also available in the market.  You can consult a doctor to get prescribed calcium product and can have them daily.  The calcium supplements can provide you 1000 to 1500 mgs of calcium.

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