Are You A Control Freak?

control freak

Do you find it difficult to trust others? Do you believe delegation is for fools? Do you need to do everything yourself? Do you think you’re always right, heck, you are know-it-all? Do you take a disagreement as an affront?

Do you have to know what every friend, family member or workmate is up to? If you’ve answered all those questions with an aye, you are – without a doubt – a control freak.

In other words, you are a very difficult person to be with and work with. And that is why it’s important for you to take action and change.

Why a control freak is a problem. Just swap positions and think what it would be like to be with someone like you: Bossy, pushy, domineering; someone who won’t let them think, act or do according to will, someone who will constantly veto them, someone who will manipulate them.

You will stifle others, you will kill your relationships, you will cause heartburn. It is plain unhealthy. You need to become a little flexible. You have to break free. Before finding a solution, one has to admit that there is a problem. If you are a control freak, the first thing you can do to help yourself is to admit it – to yourself, to others around you.

You are not Superwoman. The biggest problem with control freaks is that they believe that unless they do the work, either it’ll not get done or it’ll get badly done. That leaves them doing pretty much everything – their own work, their partner’s work, their family’s work, their co-workers’ work. Naturally, something gives eventually.

It’s important to realise that you are not Superwoman who can be everywhere, doing everything, for everyone, all the time. More importantly, that you don’t even need to be Superwoman. Every individual has an assigned role, let them do it.

Get rid of your ego. The control freak has an ego as big as a millionaire’s yacht. It is the ego which makes her think she is the best and that no one else comes close. Stop fooling yourself and deflate that ego. It is not doing anyone any good, least of all you.

Seek help. A control freak becomes that way owing to her insecurities, diffidence and fears. Speak to an expert or specialist about them. At the same time, work on your self-esteem. You have to be proud of yourself, happy in your skin, and content. Are you?