Are Women Helpless Preys To Male Fancies


One of the most beautiful creations of God is Woman. Her feminine beauty and grace always attract others. She is the mother of mankind and she has the boon to create. With so many things, still she has to face much of difficulties and problems and mainly because of man to whom she gives life. All over the world the conditions are same either it is well developed country like America or it is developing country like India, women have to fight for her rights. It is a common thinking which is developed all over the world that women have a bit lower level than men.

In order to maintain their dignity in the world of men, they do many measures to have equalized status like men in the society. However, women get success to some extent in the society and stabilize her in most of the challenging heights. They even get the top most positions in the different industrial, political, social and many others areas of the world. However, still most of the women around the world became helpless preys to male fancies and passions. You may have noticed while reading newspapers and watching news that many women are dumped and molested by many men. So, with this fact of the world you cannot let yourself away from answering few questions like: Do woman have to be careful when it is time to have any kind of relationship with man.? It is true that women are weak and cannot fight against the cruelty they face?

Actually, the fact is women are soft hearted and easily rely on someone to whom they admire. Especially in the case of romance they think with their heart and emotions while for most of the guys it is just a time pass or fun. Women get cheated by the men in the name of love, affection, emotions etc. The biggest point of concern is that even though they get suffered from many treachery and cheats, they still get easily tucked in the traps of men. Women are very innocent and kind hearted, thus they cannot detect the main motto behind favors they get from men. Therefore, they face disloyal and fraud relationship.

So, women for the sake of relationship get cheated from men and when they relies the truth of their relationship it would be too late to retreat. All this happens because women give higher priority to their emotions rather than their prudence and intelligence.

One of the most important fact about women and men is that women think from heart while men from brain. The emotions are the real treasure for women where as for men emotions are worthless. Thus women become hoodwinked by men easily.