Are promises meant to be broken


Promises and commitments are required in any kind of relationship. Especially, in love affairs and romantic relationship they are considered very necessary. Couple, whether truly faithful or not, expect lot of commitments from their partner. Some people promise and swear a lot to their beloved one in their romantic relationship. But when they fail to fulfill their commitments and promise their relationship lead towards lots of distress and problems.

The power of words is outstanding. Therefore, their meaning matters a lot in any relationship. Promises are just a form of words in order to guarantee about your commitment for future. It can happen that some promises may break due to the failure of your efforts but if you try to fulfill them, then it would be more valuable instead of forgetting them. This doesn’t mean that you break you promise rather it reflect your dedication towards your commitment.

For successful relationship commitments and their fulfillment is very necessary. This is the fundamental reason behind all the triumphant relationships.  In any relationship honesty is also very necessary. Your commitments show your faithfulness and honesty for your spouse and thus make your relationship stronger. If you would be quite honest about your strength as well as weakness then it makes your relationship more transparent.

It is usual that every person like to have a life partner that would be an ideal statue to whom one can worship as well as put on pedestal. However, it is also true that no one is perfect and thus all of the people in this huge world have lots of weakness. Only true commitments from your partner are not only requirement for well-built relationship, your faith and trust is also required to build a strong bond between both of you. A healthy and successful relationship can be attained only if you understand that your partner is human not an angel who would always fulfill his/her promise.