Apriati – Italian Designer Jewellery


Launched by brand ambassador Malaika Arora in March 2008, Italian designer jewellery is now available at affordable prices. Apriati brings a wide range of beautifully unique gold jewellery and diamond designs for India’s fashion-conscious discerning woman. Created by Italian masters, who are known the world over for uncompromising quality and competitively priced designs, it is no wonder that Apriati wishes to retail in India, a country known for its love affair with jewellery, Maharajahs jewellery that set many a fashion trend at the time!

While, India continues to thrive on the economic front and the spending power of the people rises to greater heights, the Indian woman of today is no longer interested in buying gold jewellery as insurance for a rainy day. Financially independent, she has begun to follow jewellery fashion trends, snapping up not for financial security, but purely to make a fashion statement. With a discerning eye, she goes for what will make express how she feels i.e. Bold and Beautiful!

Apriati, Italian designer jewellery has captured the Indian woman of today in exclusive designs that reflect her independent spirit in their handcrafted, one of a kind designer jewellery and accessories. Even Malaika Arora, its brand ambassador and the ultimate Glamour Queen, admits that Apriati diamond designs and gold jewellery only up her Glamour Quotient!

Till now, Indian women only had access to ethnic jewellery designs that found their way down centuries. But, with the advent of Italian custom designed jewellery, she can now match her jewellery to her outfits i.e. ethnic jewellery with Indian clothes and Apriati for sophisticated elegance or jewellery minimalism, when she decides to dress western style! While, Indian jewellery designs are exquisitely beautiful, nonetheless, they are too rich, too exotic, too much in the eye when one is dressed in a dress or a pair of jeans! That is why, with the availability of Apriati in India, she will be able to explore new fashion trends in the world of diamond designs and gold jewellery.