An Active Lifestyle With Healthy Beverages

Healthy Beverages

Drinks and beverages have always constituted an essential part of diet; water being the most important and purest form of drink without which life will cease to exist keeps the body well hydrated and eliminates toxic elements from the body.

Apart from water, milk is the next best thing that provides whole nutrition to the body. Various health drinks add spice and variety to the realm of drinks and beverages. Due to the fast paced modern lifestyle people prefer to switch to the wide range of beverages available in the market.

Yet such beverages may not be more than sweet corny syrups and most of the nutrition value could be not just what we expect them to be. Thus it’s better to consume healthy beverages which are natural yet boost up a healthy lifestyle.

Milk as already mentioned is important for all age groups; while milk becomes the only diet for new born babies it helps to prevent arthritis and osteoporosis by protecting and strengthening bones with its calcium content for older age groups. The most common forms of beverages we consume at home are tea and coffee.

Coffee has antioxidant content in it while the various forms of tea like herbal tea and green tea are claimed to have excellent health values which act as anti aging agents, stress reliever, cancer prevention agents and also assisting in controlling weight. During cold winters we can enjoy the warmth of tea and coffee through gentle sips and in summers we can relax with iced tea or cold coffee shakes.  Whey protein shakes can be consumed by those who want to feel an instant shot of energy.

It has always been an easier task with mothers to give health drinks and beverages to their fussing kids who otherwise avoid nutritious solid foods but happily take the beverages. Cranberry juice can be an effective immunity builder while ginger ale relieves stomach disorders and indigestion.

Fruit juices like orange juice, apple juice and pomegranate juice are rich in elements that provide vitamin C and strengthen the immunity system. Beverages and drinks that have no artificial elements present in them are called naked drinks which can be safely consumed with a guarantee of receiving cent percent benefits.

Consuming wine in regulated amounts at mealtimes can combat atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes to a great extent. A simple yet wonderful homemade beverage can be a combination of water, pepper mint and lemon which is a refreshing supplement for simple water and hydrates the body almost immediately.

Coconut water, one of the purest and sweetest forms of fluid which is rich in potassium and electrolytes, is a much loved beverage in the coastal areas. Chocolate and cocoa drinks can be a treat for the taste buds while taking effective care of the heart and blood pressure.

Smoothies with generous slices of fruits, egg yolk, wheat germ, milk and ice cubes can give a wholesome nutrition to the body. Thus whatever the season may be beverages of all kinds which ensure health, taste and refreshment can be enjoyed by all age groups almost everywhere.

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