Always Practice Safe Sex

There was a Time…

Humans have been having sex for hundreds of years. Life, as we currently know, originally began because of sex. Because of the tremendous population and people not protecting themselves from unsafe practices, we must now learn to practice safe sex. Sexually transmitted diseases are killing people on a daily basis, and short of abstinence, our only option is to be safer in our sexual relationships.


Not many living beings spend their lives without having sex. Abstinence is simply not an option for humans and animals alike. Part of being a healthy adult includes having sex. We absolutely need to make better provisions to protect ourselves than we have done in recent years.

Gone are the days when free sex was everywhere, and now, unfortunately we must take certain measures to protect ourselves from diseases like AIDS. We have come full circle, and unprotected sex can kill you. Some sexually transmitted diseases can render you sterile, and some can even cause birth defects.

Reducing Risk

Most infections are transmitted by the exchange of bodily fluids. When you prevent fluid exchange, you prevent the spread of infection. Using men’s condoms, female condoms and various types of dental products can help to block the transfer of these fluids.

Try using a lubricant with rubber gloves to masturbate your partner. Using a good lubricant is a very good idea while having intercourse. Small vaginal tears are common during intercourse and the use of lubricants help prevent the tears, which can allow the transfer of bodily fluids directly into your bloodstream. By that same token, always use lubricants when participating in anal sex.

If you are in a stable relationship with one partner, let a physician test you both. Once you both obtain a clean bill of health, you can enjoy stress-free sex with less tension. As long as you keep the lines of communication open with your partner, you will both be safer.

Always steer clear of potential partners who may not be practicing safe sex, or who make a habit of having sexual relations with multiple people. Learn as much as you can about safe sex practices. Do not let drugs or alcohol influence your decisions. Keep various barriers accessible, just in case. Protect your life!

Sex can still be fun!

Concentrate on reducing risks. Use your knowledge to protect yourself and your partner. Be confident that you are doing the best you possibly can to be safe. Having sexual relations is a wonderful, healthy part of life and you should enjoy it!