Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera nature’s first marvelous drug is known as Aloe barbadens in Latin. Aloe Vera is by and large known as ‘miracle plant’ or the ‘natural healer’. It flourishes in warm and dry climates, looks like cactus, as it stays moist by closing it pores and survives, but essentially it is a branch of Lily family. Aloe Vera is not only grown in nurseries but it is also grown in kitchen gardens as a miracle medicinal plant. It helps in curing and healing burns, cuts and wounds. It is not only a beauty or curative plant, but it is also a plant which brings luck to you and your family by making your home far-flung from Evil forces, negative energy and accidents.

Prehistoric civilizations also used Aloe Vera plant for diverse purposes. Egyptians used Aloe Vera to placate skin irritations. Aloe Vera is used as a beauty treatment product for wrinkles, Acne, acne rashes and removal of dead skin. It is not a modern product and it has been used from ages. It was used by the most gorgeous lady Cleopatra to soften and stiffen her skin. Aloe Vera cures the most common problem of skin burns. It moisturizes skin and leaves a soothing and stimulating effect on skin.

Nature is the most consistent and functional source to cure diseases in spite of progress in therapeutic field. Aloe Vera is an ideal component for superficial and dermatological products and is a natural means to relieve penetration and mixture of bio-active ingredients.

Aloe Vera is not only a beauty product but it is also a wonder drug, used as a drug for healing wounds and cuts. Aloe Vera juice acts as a stimulant for liver, kidney and gastrointestinal problems. Aloe Vera is helpful in reducing painstaking joint and muscle pain caused due to injuries or arthritis. It is also helpful in reducing swellings, infections and is beneficial for people having blood pressure.
Aloe Vera is a pack full of surprises it is a wonder for remedial problems and outstanding herbal tonic to reduce and heal skin problems.