Allergy Symptoms-Sneeze and Cough


What are allergies?
Allergies are caused by tiny little particles, called allergens, that enter through the mouth and nose and the allergens ends up in the lungs, which causes disruptions in out breathing. What are the most common symptoms and conditions of allergies?
The most common conditions of hay fever are: having a runny nose, having a stuffy nose, constant sneezing, and frequent itching of the nose, the itching of the throat and ears and constant throat clearing.

For the symptoms of asthma, an allergic illness, the symptoms are the following but are not limited to: having a shortness of breath, constant coughing and wheezing and a tightness of the chest.

For those who are suffering from itchy and irritable eyes, the symptoms are usually, but are not limited to: an overall redness of the eyes and redness under the eyelids, having watery and itchy eyes and having a swelling of the tissues of the eyeballs.

For those who suffer from allergic reactions, which can be almost anything and can come from anywhere, the typical symptoms include but are not limited to: an itching, redness and/or dryness of the skin, having facial rashes and/or having rashes around the eyes, elbow creases and around the knees.

For those who suffer from hives, the common symptoms are, but not limited to: a high level of red-colored welt and constant and painful itching. And for those who suffer from allergic shocks, the common symptoms include but are not limited to: having hives or having skins that has a red discoloration to it, suffering from nasal congestion, suffering from swelling of the throat, suffering from shortness of breath and/or suffering from shock and/or low blood pressure.

Allergic symptoms can be prevented by not breathing hazardous and/or pollen agents that can clog the lungs and nasal passages, such as smog, toxic waste and other pollutants. Also, one can avoid allergic reactions to certain plants, like poison ivy, by avoiding contact with or having very little contact with them. There are over-the counter drugs at local pharmacies that can be taken to get rid of sinuses and coughs related to allergic reactions.

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