All About Friendship Day


Celebrated the world over, Friendship Day originated in United States of America where it has come to be celebrated on the first Sunday in August every year. Since, time immemorial, true friendship has been celebrated across the East and West Divide. While, the Bible that primary text of western civilization, speaks about the warm bonds of friendship, and abounds with tales of friendship, Indian history and folktales and folklore never tire of telling stories about faithful and loyal friends.

Invariably, favourite friendship quotes and quotations linger on faith, trust, loyal support, understanding, empathy, companionship and other emotions, qualities that characterize true friendship. An enriching experience, celebrating Friendship Day is a wonderful way of appreciating the warm ties that bind. So, let your emotions loose on this one day of the year, the one perfect chance to give symbols of friendship, excellent ways to express how much you treasure your friends and how much you need them. Write a friendship poem, send a friendship card, shower friends with flowers, give a friendship gift or simply organize a special Friendship Day party, or a picnic.

Highly commercialised, Friendship Day has come to be celebrated in India in a big way. Catching on with the Indian youth, it is enthusiastically celebrated by the young especially, students. In the spirit of the occasion, many celebrate by spending the day with close friends, lunching together or grabbing a cup of coffee, as they reminisce and tell anecdotes about their friendship.

There are a number of ways you can celebrate this occasion and have fun with your closest friends. Plan a get together and inform your friends about where you all can meet. Send flowers and greeting and see your friendship blossom like these flowers. For friends who are far away, keep connected with warm messages that affirm your friendship. Watch a movie with your friends.

However, you celebrate Friendship day, whether you have a big party organized or are keeping it low key with a picnic or a simple lunch, keep the camera handy for capturing precious friendship moments. Give your best friends friendship bracelets, a symbol that binds your friends in the bonds of friendship, tokens of your love as you wish them all ‘Happy Friendship Day’. Kick off your Friendship Day party on a merry high with lots of fun, food, games and music. After all true friendship merits worthy celebrations!