Advice To Keep Your Relationship Healthy

Tips for healthy relationship

Tips for healthy relationship Relationships face good times as well as bad times in the reign of a lifetime. No matter whichever relationship you talk about; each faces the dusk as well as the dawn. However, you need to develop the art of forgiveness in order to make any relationship work.

There are various do’s and don’ts that must be followed in order to keep a relationship alive and healthy. The following 6 advices play a very important role in increasing/sustaining love and reducing distances in relationships. They help in making a 6 Tips To Keep Your Relationship Healthy, prettier and long lasting.

Ways To Keep Your Relationship Healthy

Never Offend Your Partner

Self-esteem and ego are two different things; however, there is a very thin that differentiates between both of them. Whether in pride/ego or casually, never offend your partner in any way. Being abusive, saying dis-graceful things, commenting about the character of your partner (no matter you never meant or felt what you spoke in anger) etc. are a few things that become the cause of separation many times.

Mentor yourself and meditate in order to keep yourself in full senses. This makes sure that you do not lose your temper, as anger is a foe to love. Relationships can turn not just ugly or abusive in fury, but they can also turn violent. Nobody likes to suffer with any kind of a physical or mental torture in a relationship. Love is graceful and so should the lovers be.

Maintain The Required Distances

Relationships are hard hit whenever there is an overdose/under-dose of the space offered. When you let someone completely loose, you are putting your relationship at a risk of becoming a warehouse of suspicion. On the contrary; if you try to poke your nose into everything, you might go wacky and this may scare your loved one away.

Healthy relationship

Therefore, the space that you offer in a relationship must be optimum, so that you keep yourself and your partner in a comfortable zone. This comfort will eventually melt the ice of secrets between the two of you completely. It is practically a very good sign when your loved one informs you about everything, even before you ask.

All these trust indicators are necessary to find out the quality of the relationship you share with your partner. It is the quality of the time that you both spend tighter that matters, and not the quantity of time. Even if you spend a few hours together per month/weak, and those few hours are filled with magical moments of love; they are way better than those many hours you would have otherwise spent together, but fighting. Thus, focus on spending quality time with your spouse, to keep the heat and fire of love maintained in your relationship.

Do Not Entertain Pessimism

Love never dies; there is always a spark left in the dry hay of love, and all it requires is just a small breeze to ignite the fire of love again. Therefore, do not entertain any kind of pessimism, especially when your relationship is going through a rough patch.

Instead of planting your own thoughts and making your own conclusions, strike a conversation with your partner regarding the doubts that you face. Clearing all such trash from a relationship is necessary as soon as possible. The longer such trash stays in the mind, the greater it stinks. Thus, instead of entertaining junk ideas, you must put an end to it, by discussing it with your partner.

Trust Your Partner, But Do Not Trust Blindly

Love is blind, but love is not imprudent or dumb. Though it is required of you to trust your partner above any other thing; but keeping your eyes closed to the realities that lie in front of your eyes, is equivalent to blindfolding yourself in front of a pit. Trusting someone blindly does not mean ignoring the things that you know are wrong, yet true.

Healthy relationship

If you feel that your beloved is cheating you in any way possible, the last thing that you should do is, avoiding it. Discuss it clearly with your spouse and incase, you still feel dubious of him/her; it is the worse choice to follow your instinct or gut feeling. An already crumbled mind will only complicate the situation further. Thus, instead of guessing or thinking; you must hire a spy (if your budget allows the same), or become a spy yourself to unveil the truth, until satisfaction.

Therefore, it is necessary for you to keep yourself free of doubts in order to continue trusting in your partner.

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Show That You Care, When You Do Care

Some relationships die an untimely death, due the lack of expressing love and emotions. While it is advised to control the emotions like anger, doubts and ego; it is extremely important to express some others like care. Care is a synonym of love; and when left un-expressed, it dries up the essence of romance from a relationship. Romance is the soul of love and with no romance, love cannot live.

Thus, express as much as you can and as much as you care truly. More than speaking, your actions are your speech in love. If you keep on expressing that you care, but you fail to be by the side of the person you love at the times of need, such expression is useless. Instead, make your actions your speech; and keep reminding your beloved from time to time that you will be there to love, care, and support always.

Respect The Limits Set By Your Partner

Eventually a relationship reaches a stage where making love is natural. Before your partner reaches that stage naturally, never try to drag him/her in sexual deeds. This will create a bizarre situation for both of you, where both of you will feel un-comfortable. You wouldn’t want to imagine a situation where you force someone to have sex with you.

Such sex is lust, not love. Let your relationship groom and make it so passionate that your spouse willingly offers you the gift of an un-planned sex. Forceful or planned sex can never match the thrill of excitement of an un-planned sex. So work on your relationship, instead of finding ways to persuade someone for having sex with you.

All the above mentioned advices must be followed wisely, if you want to see your relationship standing tall, even if the whole world faces against you.

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