Advice For Single Mothers Reentering The Dating World

single mothers dating tips

single mothers dating tips The flirtatious nature of dating makes single mothers think twice before reentering the dating world. It is tempting, irresistible and somewhat of a necessity here. Single mothers cannot go out like any other woman and start dating a guy.

It is not that easy for single parents. They have the responsibility to look after the child as well. It is one of those tentative moments when you are not particularly sure what to do next. Your heart is asking you to go out and chase your dreams. There is no point in denying that your heart longs for someone.

The moment of truth comes early here. You have grown to be a mother now. You are not just the same young girl who used to sail in the direction in which the wind was blowing strong. You have to take every decision with utmost sincerity. There are responsibilities to be performed in an efficient manner.

You have the body of a mother and heart of a girl now. Your child looks up to you for anything to be asked, for everything to be answered. You have every right to reenter the dating world but only after counting your chances carefully. The good part is that it all would take place naturally, on its own, because motherhood makes you a wiser and intelligent person.

The difficult part comes when you have to introduce someone to your child. This could make or break the whole situation. There are certain expectations on both the sides. You can only pray that it all goes through smoothly as planned. You cannot even think or imagine that how your child would react and feel inside.

You have less knowledge when it comes to that what sort of adjustments your partner would like to make. There are so many unanswered questions here. There is nobody who is going to answer them for you. It clearly points out that you need to find it for yourself by reentering the dating world.

1. Maintaining The Difference Between Social And Family Life:

All single mothers should keep their social lives separate from the family one. There is no need to introduce everyone to your children.

There is no harm in enjoying your social life as much as you cherish the joy of motherhood. You can have a healthy relationship with the partner of your choice. The need is to strike proper balance between the two. You cannot neglect one for the sake of another.

Every single mother has the liberty to make independent decisions. It is entirely a personal decision to date somebody either to have a long-lasting relationship or from the point of view to have sex with your partner. They just need to treat family and social aspects of their lives separately. There is no other advice as beneficial for single mothers looking to reenter the dating world as this one.

2. Never Try To Hide Your Marital Status:

single mothers dating advice

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This is the biggest mistake people commit. They just do not want the other person to know about their past affair or relationship. It could be either because single mothers have fewer opportunities to meet the right guy or it is easily prompted out of the fear of rejection.

We can never justify the wrong reasons. Can we? We are talking about doing something wrong and breaking somebody’s trust here. You should never try to hide the fact that you have a child to look after in your life.

Unless you take a stand, how would expect the other person to accept you and your child both. It is an altogether different subject that if your relationship has reached that stage or not where you are thinking about moving in and starting a new life together. You should get this fact straight and clear that single mothers have equal number of opportunities to find the right person like anybody else out there. It is not the end of road.

3. Walk Into A Relationship Fully Prepared For All The Challenges:

It is never going to work in the perfect way. Single mothers should not have any unrealistic expectations when walking into a new relationship. There are no such signs that world has changed for good or people have become wiser the last time when you were in a relationship.

It is all up to you and how you take things in life. You should be fully prepared to accept all the challenges in the right spirit. Love has never been fair and so is life. It is for sure that you have become wiser since the last time when you walked out of that relationship. You can continue on with your search to find someone closest to what you have been dreaming till you find him. This defines the purpose of love in our lives.

4. Telling Your Children About It:

You would be asked to take someone to your child at one point in time. You would meet someone who would accept you the way you are. The next step is that you need to make your child understand about it. It is all in your hands now.

It depends on the kind of relationship you have with your child. It goes without saying that it is a tough situation however your love for the child would make it possible in the end. You should be open to suggestions and advises as children take some time to get on with a new member in the family.

It is like having a second chance at love for single mothers. They would like to do their homework before reentering the dating world. You need to trust your instincts when it comes to finding the right guy. It all comes down to the point that how much powerful you are, both as a person and a mother, because sometimes you have to take the right decision. The strength comes for the fact that you have a child to take care of. It is an interesting phase as you would start setting priorities in life.

Rajan Dhir