Advice for a wonderful sex life

sexlifewonerful The best sexual acts all begin as sexual thoughts. Your desires influence your likes and dislikes. Things that you do and enjoy doing start out as simple thoughts. If you cannot create a mental attachment to something, you cannot really desire it.

It is with these intangible emotions that we can create some of the best sex. We are human beings and as humans we have special skills. We think, feel, want, yearn, lust for things.

Good sex is not just about the physical element. Your mind and body are one and the same. Consider them both and you will see how good sex can really be.

Do I need a good sex life?

You may not need to ask this question. We all enjoy sex on some level. You need to start asking if you are having truly good sex. Every person is unique. We all have different tastes and it is no different with sex.

Something that one person likes might not be as good to you, the next person might differ again and so on. It’s important that you find a way to really enjoy sex. Don’t just go through the motions. Don’t treat it like a game or a contest. It is fun and enjoyable and it’s a good way to become closer to another person.

Variety is essential for great sex.

Don’t allow your sex life to become stagnant. If you feel it becoming a bit too much of a routine it might be time to shake things up a bit. Try to think of some exciting new things to try during sex.

It doesn’t have to be too crazy.Some fun tickling, a new sexual position, maybe a little role playing? Remember: communication is important for good sex.

Find out what your partner enjoys. Try to give them what they want. This is a sure fire way to get them giving you all they have in return. This will lead to awesome sex and a healthy partnership.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

That’s correct; if you find yourself or your partner getting bored, try some time apart. If your partner is becoming disinterested in sex, you might need to show them what they’re missing out on.

If you entice and tease a little, perhaps wait awhile longer than usual to have sex, the build up will make the pay off that much more ultimate. The journey is as much fun as the final destination.