Acupuncture Body Points


bodypartacupunter In the rule of acupuncture, it is based on energy to heal the body. Small gauge needles, heat, and pressure are used on certain areas of the body to help stimulate healing and increase the flow of the qi, which is your vital energy.

The reason that a person becomes ill is because the flow of blood becomes blocked or somehow disrupted. Acupuncture will put that flow back into motion so that the illness is gone, and the body feels better.

Altogether, there are a total of 20 points. 12 of these are main Meridian and channels while 8 of them are extra. Out of the 8 extra points, two of them have their own channel while the others rely on other points of interest.
Each point has its own name, meaning, and function.

You will find that by applying pressure to a certain area, you can relieve pain in a certain organ, promote relaxation and sleep, as well as help you to quit smoking or maybe even over-eating. These are also why many people decide to try acupuncture as a treatment to help with their problems.

The points of interest are also associated with elements. These include fire, earth, wood, and metal. Your body is a map of the sea and each area will give you a different feeling. There are also points called Hui-Meeting points and Front-Mu points.

When acupuncture points are used together, they can create a feeling of warmth and freedom to the person that is getting the treatment.  It is very important for the person giving the treatment to follow the acupuncture body map so that no further damage is done and the treatment is effective. Many feel that this method is useless and does not work.

Although acupuncture is an ancient form of medicine, many claim that it has helped them to overcome many different obstacles that has caused them pain and misery. For this reason, people flock to find someone that can perform this method to perfection to help them overcome their own fears and medical problems.

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