Abortion And Deadly Risks

abortion risks

Abortion is basically the only way to get rid of unwanted or unplanned pregnancy. Many a times the doctors even suggest an abortion, if an abnormal foetus is found within the womb. But that is a totally different issue.

What is more raging these days is the carelessness of people during the act of intercourse that leads to unwanted pregnancy. Either lack of sound knowledge or negligence is the prime cause of this act, which is always associated with a lot of medical problems in women and even death in fatal conditions.

Actually the most important issue that needs to be taken into account while planning for pregnancy is the timing, health condition of the patient and the place where it is to be done. Unless these issues are looked into carefully there might be serious alternations and modifications in the organs of the woman.

A serious problem associated with abortion is “Pelvic Inflammatory disease”. Women carrying Chlamydia infection at the time of abortion are susceptible to this disease at a rate of about 23%. Nonetheless, those who do not have this infection are likely to suffer from this complication, but that is at a very lower rate of 5%. Initially characterized by risks of infertility one cannot rule out ectopic pregnancy in the late stages, and that can also cause death.

Placenta previa” is another serious problem associated with abortion. It leads to abnormal development of placenta as a result of uterine damage, caused by it. In the later pregnancies, foetus in the womb may be abnormal, malformed or there even may be prenatal deaths.

Unplanned sex and untimely pregnancy termination is the root cause of cancers like cervical cancer, liver cancer and ovarian cancer, at a raging rate of 2.3%, as compared to women who did not have abortion. The tearing of cervix, ruptures in the ovary and liver at the time of abortion, might just remain unattended, which subsequently become ulcerous and lead to cancer.

Cervical Laceration” is another fatal problem associated with abortion. This is specially faced by teenagers. It is a result of post-abortion cervical damage. It leads to premature delivery, labour complications and infertility in the later stages.

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