Abortion – an iniquitous deed

There take place 46 Million abortions worldwide every year and 126, 000 on every single day. This is the list of the abortions in public hospitals and as there are uncountable numbers of unofficial abortions take place in clinics and homes using barbarous methods; the list may stretch double the length. Abortion is the murder of a helpless human being; helpless to the extreme of not able to part the lips to cry when a catheter gulps the head and a knife slices legs and hands.

The moral and legal aspects of abortion are subject to intense social debate in many parts of the world. Aspects of this debate can include the public health impact of unsafe or illegal abortion as well as legal abortion’s effect upon crime rates, and the ramifications of sex-selective practices. Other debates include the abortion-breast cancer hypothesis, post-abortion syndrome, and fetal pain. Moral arguments often equate abortion to murder, or denial of abortion to oppression of women.

The history of modern Western abortion laws can be traced back to English common law, which allowed abortion before the “quickening” of the fetus. Currently, abortion law varies from country to country, with regard to religious, moral, and cultural sensibilities.

The biblical argument not all different about the abortion, that being said, we must begin by acknowledging that the Bible doesn’t say anything about abortion directly. Why the silence of the Bible on abortion? The answer is simple. Abortion was so unthinkable to an Israelite woman that there was no needs to even mention it in the criminal code. Why was abortion an unthinkable act? First, children were viewed as a gift or heritage from the Lord. Second, the Scriptures state–and the Jews concurred–that God opens and closes the womb and is sovereign over conception. Third, childlessness was seen as a curse.

If you have truly received the conviction of the Holy Spirit for this past transgression, have truly repented and have asked God for His forgiveness – then you have been completely forgiven and washed completely clean by the Blood of your Savior Jesus Christ. Your slate is now fully clean. God has now been raising your child up in heaven and you will be reunited with your child once you enter into heaven.

However, for all of those liberal-minded Christian men and women who think that God has no problems with the wholesale slaughter of completely innocent little boys and girls not yet birthed through their mother’s womb – this message is for you. I ask that you please hear me out and use your common sense