A profile of the Pinot Noir


This is one of the difficult wines you can imagine. It is not only for the drinker distinguish but also for the grower who cultivates it. But the same thing that makes the complexities of pinot noir is responsible for its versatility. It can therefore be paired with any kind of food. You will like it once you get used to it.

Why Pinot Noir is expensive
Pinot noir is among the very expensive wines around. This is because it is difficult to make. There could be a lot of bad unusable batches during the process. The reason why it is difficult to make is that the skins of the grapes used to make it are so thin that they can break down easily at the farm when they are ripe. And because of that they are sometimes picked before they are ready leading to a reduction in their richness. However the production process is becoming easier and more people are making it so the price is going down.

Where to find Pinot Noir
Although most wine makers want to make the Pinot Noir, it is only possible in regions near the 45th parallels. This is because the weather conditions are just right for it at this place. Around the harvesting season, the weather is hot during the day and cool during the night. This climate helps retain the acidity of the Pinot Noir.

How to pair Pinot Noir
You need to know the flavor of a varietal wine to know which wine to pair it with. Pinot Noir offers a lot of flavors. It is a very seductive wine. It has layers of flavors from the front palette right to the back. But, like any varietal, one palette has the dominance. This dominance vanishes after a big hit. It could therefore be paired with the following: poultry, fish, fruits, strong cheese and heavy meats like turkey and pork. The possibilities are not limited to the above. When you get use to the Pinot Noir, you have a lot of possibilities.

Because it is difficult to make and from Burgundy which is a small region in France, the ability to make it is less. If you really want to buy Burgundy, you should be ready to pay the price. There are certain Pinot Noirs that could cost up to $400 a bottle.

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