A Mother/daughter Guide To Purchasing A Teen Bra

Guide To Purchasing A Teen Bra

Guide To Purchasing A Teen Bra

It is an exciting time in a young girl’s life when she begins to grow breasts. She and her mother can now bond by shopping for an appropriate bra for the teenage girl to wear. There are many different names for bras designed for teenage girls. The most common name is a training bra. Most girls begin to see a change in their breasts between eleven and thirteen years of age. Even if the pre-teen’s breasts have not grown significantly, emotionally they may be ready to start wearing a training bra.

As a mother of a pre-teen, you will have to take her shopping so she can find a training bra that fits her body well and is comfortable to wear. Young girls can express their individuality and femininity by buying training bras in different colors and with different appliqués such as lace. This is the time when a mother teaches her daughter about finding the proper fit.

Size Of The Bra Band Is Measured In Numbers Such As 30, 32, Etc

Sometimes a pre-teen girl would rather share the shopping experience with her girlfriends. If this is the case, do not get upset, Mom. Before your pre-teen goes out shopping, let her know what acceptable forms of lingerie are for her age. Here are some things that should be considered when shopping for a training bra. The first thing that you will need to fit against the body is the bra band. This is the band that goes all the way around the chest and back. The size of the bra band is measured in numbers such as 30, 32, etc.

Cup Sizes Bras Are Measured By Letters

If the bra band is too tight, it will be painful to wear. If it is too lose, it will not stay in place. After fitting the bra band securely around your pre-teens chest you will need to determine her cup size. Cup sizes are measured by letters.

They start off with A A and go up from there. If the cup size is too small, your pre-teens’ breasts will bulge over the cup. If the cup size is too big, then it will not fit smoothly under clothing. Next, you will need to adjust the bra straps properly.

When you and your daughter choose a bra, it is important that the bra is comfortable to be worn all day. You do not want the bra riding up or the straps falling off the shoulders. You may want to consider buying a sports bra instead for your pre-teen. These bras are much more comfortable for an active teenager’s lifestyle.