8 Major Considerations That Help To Find The Perfect Marriage Partner

finding perfect marriage partner

finding perfect marriage partner Marriage is a union of two hearts. There is an unknown chemistry that binds the hearts and souls of two unknown individuals in such a way that they become life partners and do not leave each other till their last breaths. Love becomes such a binding force between the two individuals in a marriage that they give birth to the coming generation too.

Marriages, as we know, are of two types; one where there is love, first and marriage, next and the other is where marriage precedes love. Thus, when the first type is ‘love marriage’, the second one is ‘arranged marriage’. In case of love marriage, the criteria to look for in the would-be husband or the would-be wife are less because such a marriage is an outcome of an affair, which does not limit itself to any boundaries as such.

But, when people decide to go for love marriages, they make a preconception of their life partners. These preconceptions are based on certain criteria. While some criteria are general ones, others are relative and vary from individual to individual.

Let us have a broad idea of some of the criteria that are helpful in finding a perfect marriage partner.

Criterion no. 1 – The Age Of the Person

One of the typical criteria, which is a part of the search of a perfect marriage partner is the age of the would-be bride and bridegroom. While some prefer to marry a person who is of the same age, others prefer to go for marriages where the age of the bride is lesser than that of the groom.

The later criterion is the most dominant one. But with time there have been changes. Long back it was expected that the age of the bride should be considerably less than the bridegroom, as much as almost 10 to 15 years. But, with time, it has changed and now the healthy gap is generally between 5 to 2 years.

Criterion no. 2- Whether the Persons Are Minor Or Adult

Another most important thing that is of great concern in the recent times is that the age of the bride and the bridegroom must be in accordance to the legally recommended age of marriage. Earlier, in the developing and underdeveloped countries there was a practice of child marriage. But now that has been abolished and anybody practicing it will be confiscated. So, in general, it is expected that the bride must be 18 years of age and the bridegroom of 21 years.

Criterion no. 3 – Family Background

The third and the most important factor that is looked into in case of marriage is the family background. In general, majority of the people wish to get married in equal family background. Nobody wishes to get married to a family that lacks in social status in comparison to that of theirs.

Again, while some, especially the brides wish to get married to family backgrounds that are of higher status, the trend for such a thing is lesser in case of the bridegrooms. The advantage of marriage in equal family background is that one remains aware of the decorum, and protocols of that status, whereas coping up with the higher and lower status is always difficult.

Criterion no. 4 – Educational Background

In the recent times, this criterion is being given greater stress upon. Both the men and the women, looking for a perfect marriage partner, want that there should be a level of education that will be at par with each other. Now, the level of education is variable. While a highly qualified doctor bride generally gets married to a doctor bridegroom or something similar, but some desire that there should be at least a graduate.

Criterion no. 5 – Physical Compatibility

perfect marriage partner

A similarity in physical appearance is another criterion that makes a bride and a bridegroom perfect for each other. By physical appearance we can mean height, built, any typical deformity etc. For instance, a tall bridegroom will generally prefer a bride who matches his height. Similarly, a fat bride will generally prefer a bulky bridegroom or at least a well built one. But she will never go for a skinny person. A lame man will prefer a bridegroom who has similar such deformities.

Criterion no. 6 – Compatible Zodiac Sign

Some people lay great stress on astrology in marriage. They believe that a bride and a bridegroom can only be called as perfect if they have compatible astrological charts. They emphasize on the importance of zodiac signs in marriage and find it suitable when the zodiac signs of both the would-be partners coincide.

Criterion no. 7 – Similarity In Religion And Caste

Religion plays a cardinal role in case of arranged marriages. But, some people also emphasize on religion while they plan to date too. Compatibility in religion can be identified as one of the crucial factors. Thus, it is almost impossible to find a Christian bride getting married to a Muslim bridegroom, especially in case of an arranged marriage. Caste is another delicate division in every religion. Some people find this very essential in their search for perfect partners in marriage and marry only those who are of the similar castes.

Criterion no. 8 – Compatibility In Medical Reports

This is a new term in the criteria of the search of a perfect match in marriage. While some people find it really important, others ignore it. But, this is the most scientific approach in selecting a perfect couple for marriage. It is recommended that the would-be bride and the bridegroom must have a thorough medical check up and blood test done before giving the final consent to marriage.

Actually, overlooking this vital aspect can lead to dire situations in the lives of the couple years after their marriage. For instance, a bride can be thalassemia minor. If she gets married to guy who is also a thalassemia minor too, then there are cent percent chances that the would-be born baby will be a thalassemia major and life long sufferance. But a blood test beforehand will prevent the man and the woman to decide in favor of getting married.

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