8 Easy Hair Care Tips For Black Hair

Hair Care Tips For Black Hair

Hair Care Tips For Black Hair Black hair is beautiful. Beauty legend Cleopatra also has beautiful black hair. Black hair is found on those persons who have African or Asian origin. The texture of black hair is different from other types of hair. Pure black is thick and it is coarse in nature. It means the strands of black hair are comparatively thick.

It is comparatively dry too. For this reason black hair needs a great care to remain charcoal black and shiny. This article will give you tips in this matter.

Hair Care Tips For Black Hair

Egg for Black Hair

It has found that black hair is thick, coarse and dry. So if you do not hydrate and moisturized it properly and in time it becomes brittle. It breaks from any point and makes your hair uneven. Poor care of black hair also leads to split ends, roughness of hair, graying of hair, etc. All these are signs of malnourished hair.

For a proper nourishment of hair, you need to apply a protein base hair pack for your black hair. Egg is excellent for black hair. It nourishes your hair from top to bottom. Break one egg and beat it properly. Add few drops of olive oil and honey in it. Mix well and apply it on your hair. Massage egg on your scalp and be sure that each strand of hair gets the egg coating.

Wait for sometimes so that your hair and scalp gets time to absorb the protein of the hair. After that wash your hair with any good egg based shampoo. Egg shampoo is good for black hair. A weekly application of this hair mask helps to make your hair healthy. Only a healthy hair can become shiny and attractive.

Yogurt and Honey for Black Hair

Black hair gets dry easily and the result is dull and rough hair. To hydrate it you have to take special care for your black hair. Yogurt is great for dry black hair.

Take Care Of Black Hair

Take yogurt you need according to the length of the hair. Beat it. Add little amount of honey in it. Mix well and give a thick coat on your hair. Yogurt hydrates your hair whereas honey moisturized your hair. Honey works like natural conditioner. Apply this pack all over your hair every alternate day and soon get a soft and smooth hair.

Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry or amla is excellent for black hair. Crush few fresh amla and extract the juice. Massage the juice on your hair and leave to keep it dry. Let your hair absorbs the amla juice which makes your hair more black. You can also mix amla juice with your hair oil to get more black hair. Amla powder is available in the market. Buy one pack and use it in your weekly hair pack to get the better result.

Henna and Amla

Soak some henna powder, amla powder in the liquor of the tea for some hours. Make a smooth paste and apply all over your head. After half an hour wash your hair with plain water. This pack helps to enhance volume of the hair, cures breakage and nourishes your hair. Henna – amla combination is excellent for black hair.

Hibiscus Flower

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Hibiscus flower is excellent natural product for hair. If you rub one hibiscus flour against a white paper, the paper will soak the juice and after 2-3 minutes you will find that the juice has got a blue-black tinge. Rub hibiscus flower on your hair and scalp everyday and soon get a beautiful black hair.

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Oil Massage

Regular oil massage is very effective for black hair. For this purpose some oils are very effective. Coconut oil prevents dandruff, promotes hair growth, thickens the hair, prevents damage, moisturized and strengthens the root. Avocado oil is a great source of amino acids, essential fatty acids, different nutrients and vitamins A, B,D and E. it improves the strength of the hair, boost the shine and works as conditioner.

Castor oil promotes hair growth and reduces split ends. Rosemary oil prevents hair loss and it prevents your black hair from graying. It also helps to maintain the black shine of the hair. Olive oil is a good source of antioxidants which saves you from hair loss. The oil works well if you make them slightly hot before you use it.

Homemade Oil

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This homemade oil is the most appropriate oil for the black hair. To make it you need coconut oil, curry leaves, amla and hibiscus flower. Boil them on low flame for some times and preserve it. Massage the oil every night before going to bed. You will get benefit.

Regular trimming of Hair

Black hair is prone to split ends. For this reason you need a regular trimming of hair. Go to a good beauty parlor to get a good hair cut.

These are few easy tips that may help you to take proper care of your black hair.