7 Tips To Avoid Heart Diseases

7 tips to prevent heart disease

7 tips to prevent heart disease Heart diseases affect millions around the globe with each passing year. Hypertension and high levels of cholesterol are the factors which are precursors to heart diseases.

Awareness is a good because the more knowledge you have on a given issue, the more ready you are in tackling the problems. There are a lot of ways in which you can avoid heart diseases.

You may be young and healthy at this point in time, but you still need to keep alert to the possible threats to your body. While you are healthy, it is wise to reduce your risk of heart disease before it becomes too late.

It is never too young for anyone to exercise good measures to maintain good health such as a good diet, a healthy lifestyle, regular exercising and releasing stress. However, the intensity and form of such measures are usually adjusted as we age.

They have been discussed below, so follow them in your every day regimen to have a healthy life and a stronger heart.

1. Avoid diets rich in fatty foods and cholesterol:

Our busy and hectic lifestyles have made us succumb to fast food. It’s easily available and takes very less time in cooking. It’s easy for your lifestyle but has very bad effects on your health. Fatty foods can escalate the level of cholesterol in your body especially the bad cholesterol which can affect your heart negatively. It can also result in the formation of plaque which can block your arteries, increasing the chances of a stroke.

2. Protein sources which are low in fat:

Skip the red meat and start having lean meats and poultry products like chicken and eggs. You can also have oily fish as they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Use less of oil and bake or grill these products. You can even boil them.

3. Lower the salt intake:

Table salt is considered to be the worst enemy of blood pressure. Hence cut down on salt as it can lead to hypertension and a host of cardiovascular diseases.

4. Eat your fruits and vegetable:

Fruits and vegetables are repeatedly focussed on for heart health. These have a lot of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidant properties. These antioxidants help in fighting free radicals. Moreover, the fibre provided by fruits and veggies helps in lowering cholesterol levels and fat absorption.

5. Quit smoking:

Smoking is injurious to the heart health, and can cause plaque and damage to the arteries. Passive smoke can also be harmful to your loved ones who are around you. Hence, you should curb this habit. Do it for the sake of your loved ones, if not for your own health.

6. Control your weight:

You should control your weight as obesity can cause heart diseases. Do not lead a sedentary life. If you are overweight, lead a more active life and try losing the extra pounds.

7. Keep away from anxiety and stress:

Stress and anxiety are likely to increase your blood pressure. Although it cannot be completely eliminated from our lives, you should try avoiding it and keeping it to the minimum levels.

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