7 Mistakes Which Can Destroy Romance In A Relationship

Destroy Romance In A Relationship

Destroy Romance In A Relationship Romance can have a slightly different definition when it comes to your partner. Arranging candle light dinners, repeating the three magical words or sharing the best gifts may accelerate your passion and love for each other. However, there is more than what meets the eye.

To enjoy a lasting and rewarding relationship, you need to understand your partner and stay away from committing some common relationship mistakes which can take a toll on the romance within.

Mistakes That Romance In A Relationship

Maturity Comes with Age

When it comes to romance and love, maturity and age essentially do not have a directly proportional relationship. To expect that an older partner should possess more gravitas can be one of your biggest mistakes. There are many people over 40 who cannot tell a hand towel from a dish towel or think it amusing to live with roommates. Assumption can hit your relationship like a hammer hitting an egg, destroying it into irreparable pieces.

Love has a Universal Meaning

Love can be having children for your partner while you are in no mind to even consider the thought, what to say of implementing it. While your partner has been planning with the baby shower, naming ceremony, cute dresses and feeding schedules, you keep thinking of baby blues, nappy changes, sleepless nights and (not to forget) your insurance policy. So many differences can easily overwhelm your romantic relationship. With dissimilar voices, there can be hardly any room for romance to breathe.

Another significant romance killer is casual sex. Sex is an important ingredient of a romantic relationship and strengthens the bonding between partners. When any of you seem interested only in fun and pleasing yourself, romance can be on the pathway to suicide.

Relationship is to be Taken for Granted

Thinking that something will work out just because it ‘ought to’ can be another big mistake in a relationship. In the practical world, people spend years dating each other before wanting to commit for a relationship.

reasons for lack of romance in relationship

It can be impractical to suddenly find a ‘marriage material’ partner because almost everyone has been sailing in the same boat. Dating can be similar to your career graph wherein you cannot expect a grand plan. If you have done something ‘usual’, do not expect the other person to do the ‘unusual’.

The Fact is Same as the Fiction

The real world presents a different picture than what may be portrayed in books and movies. The ‘happily ever after’ mantra is not a universal law which applies to all relationships across the world. Everyone needs to have his or her say in a relationship. If you feel it’s time to say ‘no’, say it.

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Why Bother for the Interpretation?

If you are being too possessive of your partner, do not expect the relationship to be a bed of roses. Excessive calling, discussions on marriage (or children) and other ‘personal interventions’ can make a relationship repulsive. Let your partner have a relationship to look up to.

If you have had an issue with your ex, do not allow it to overwhelm your present relationship. There may be a spontaneous attraction to your ex but you need to get over the addiction as fast as you can. If your partner wants to spend time with you, give him/her the liberty of enjoying your company. By not listening to your partner, you depict unconcern and neglect.

Many women can be obsessed with every fragment they eat and any trivial change in their bellies. They may be passionate about the Pilates classes but can be too exhausted to confide in men. Similarly, putting work before love can create a strong battleground for emotional wars; the chances of love and romance winning are very less. A life-work balance is obligatory to keep the romantic candle burning.

The More Bossy, the Better

It may not be bad to be bossy but it is dreadful to be too bossy on your partner. You may not want to lose your love interest but being bossy can take its toll easily. Even if you have an understanding and patient partner, you cannot expect him/her to pass all the testing times with that million dollar smile. Being human, it is obvious to behave humans.

The Appearance is not Important

A supermodel partner with the perfect configurations can be out of  question. But you indeed like a partner who is presentably dressed and has a pleasing personality. Men, particularly, can be visual creatures. A worn out woman can reveal her devotion for work but may not seem attractive enough to be accompanied for a date.

Accept it or not, you need to sell your qualities. Apart from sex, men can crave for many other qualities in women which should be ‘offered’. The first impression may not be the last, and for that matter, there should be ‘something’ your partner finds attractive in you.