7 Laser Hair Removal Tips


Laser hair removal is a method to remove unwanted hair permanently. Before deciding to have a laser treatment, check if it would do good for you. Lasers are known to be a success for darker hair compared to lighter hair.

Laser lights penetrate deep into the skin and destroy hair melanin and follicles. After a few days hair falls off. Laser hair removal can be done on different parts of the body from upper lips, arms, under-arms, legs and bikini.

Advantages of laser hair removal:

1. Laser hair removal results in long lasting results and permanent hair removal.

2. It is safe when done with the help of a professional service provider.

3. In case of re-growth, hair can be finer and lighter.

4. This method is a success for dark haired people with light skin.

5. Best for larger areas of the body like legs and backs.

Disadvantages of laser hair removal:

1. It has been a failure for many.

2. Re-growth of hair cannot be predicted.

3. Costs a lot and results may vary.

4. Treatment must be done accurately by a certified specialist.

5. There may be serious outcomes if done improperly.

6. It is quite painful compared to other hair removal methods.

Seven tips:

1. Research before signing up. Know about the clinic and doctor and talk to people who have already got the treatment done.

2. Be careful to read the contract before signing. Make a deal that covers the after-treatment costs.

3. Make sure to follow the instructions to be carried out before the treatment.

4. Take advise of the specialist regarding the cosmetic-use before and after the treatment.

5. Take a patch test to see if the treatment suits you.

6. Wear eye-protection to escape the harmful laser rays.

7. Any irregularities in the appearance of the skin after hair removal must be brought to the specialist’s notice to avoid serious skin problems.

Everyone loves to have a flawless and hair-less skin. Be sure to know the treatment well before spending a huge amount of money. You cannot afford to spend a whole lot of money just to witness hair re-growth. Have a safe and long lasting hair-removal.