6 Ways To Protect Your Child’s Oral Health

child oral health

All parents want to see their babies healthy. They try to feed the child every possible food that could help them to build a strong and healthy body. But most parents often forget to take care of their child’s oral health.

Some parents realize about the poor oral health of their children too late. Tooth decay is a common problem among children and the teenagers. You can help your child to have healthy teeth and gums by taking some precautionary measures from early childhood. Given below are 6 ways to protect your child’s oral health.

The first step towards taking care of your child’s oral health should begin right from the year your child is born. By the time your baby is a year old, you must take your baby to a dentist for checkup. Early prevention for oral health problem is essential.

The second tip on protecting your child’s oral health is to prevent your child from sleeping with bottle containing milk or sugary liquids. It has been found that most parents allow their babies to sleep with a bottle containing milk, juice or formula. But you must avoid doing this. Food stuffs contain bacteria that usually produce acids which causes tooth decay.

Parents often use pacifiers in order to prevent their child from becoming a victim of sudden infant death syndrome. These (Pacifiers) should be used wisely. Long term use of pacifiers or sucking it very strongly can be detrimental for your child’s dental health. So you must take care that you use the pacifiers in the correct manner and stop their use gradually once your child is one year old.

The fourth and the most important way to protect your child’s oral health is to make them to brush and floss from the early stage. Once your baby develops the first set of teeth, it’s your duty to keep them clean and hygienic by brushing with a soft-bristled baby toothbrush.

You can also use gauze. And once your child develops the second set of teeth, you must start flossing your baby’s teeth. Make your child to learn the appropriate way of brushing and flossing. They must brush before bedtime too.

You must take your child to a dentist at regular intervals of time for checkup and advice. If you take care to follow these guidelines then you can help your child from developing oral health problems.

Geeta Kumari