5 Tips On How To Save Marriage From Divorce

Tips to save your marriage

Tips to save your marriage Usually breakups are a cause of great pain to different people. Therefore, the couples that surpass every other catastrophe and marry each other are considered very lucky.

However, it is a pure mis-conception, because marriage is not just an end point to the hardships in a relationship; instead, it is the onset of newer, deeper and bigger responsibilities in life.

There are various couples who fail miserably in meeting the demands and requirements of a married life, and eventually they reach the most painful end of any love story; i.e. divorce. In order to save your marriage from breaking, or to make sure that your marriage never reaches such a stage, the following 5 tips are very helpful.

Ways To Save Your Marriage

Respect Your Spouse In Person And Public

Marriage brings in a lot of joy and happiness in one’s life. However, alongside all the joy, greater responsibilities automatically flow in. You cannot take each other for granted, even for a span of few days, unlike your pre-marital days. Immaturity holds no place in a marriage; as marriage is not just a lump of happiness, but a lump of greater responsibilities too.

An immature person can never fulfill his/her responsibilities and thus, cannot understand the importance of respecting his/her partner either in person or public. This is generally the first and the biggest major mistake that can very easily rip apart a marriage, even if the couple shared many years of a successful relationship before tying knots.

Save your marriage

Addressing each other with respect should be an art for the couples who marry after being in a long relationship, and should be learnt by those who marry first and hope to fall in love with their spouse after marriage. In either of the cases, any personal or public insult is not tolerated.

Therefore, be humble and polite and do not let your marriage suffer due to your ego. For those couples who have already reached a stage of divorce, due to their dis-graceful behavior; there is still time to apologize and heal the wounds given to the other person seeking a divorce. It may take time to convince your partner, but it is worth a try in order to save your own married life from a fiasco.

Learn To Live With The Annoying Habits Of Your Spouse

Marrying someone means accepting him/her the way he/she is. However, changing some bad habits in your partner is a symbol of your genuine concern; but trying to change everything in a person is not a good practice. Even if you find certain things annoying in your partner (as long as they are not the reasons to be affecting you physically, mentally or emotionally); you must learn to live with them.

The best case happens, when couples fall in so much love with each other that they actually start loving all the habits that were earlier annoying to them. However, the opposite of this is true in maximum cases, and if you keep on humiliating your partner for something you don’t like, and force him/her to change completely, you are giving a close invitation to a divorce.

The best way to save your marriage from divorce is to love or else adapt to all the habits (you find annoying, but are harmless for you) in your partner. If you have already crossed the line and have reached a stage, where a courtroom exists instead of a bedroom, it is time for you to gain back the lost trust of your partner. Making your spouse believe that you were always in love with him/her, and whatever you did was an outcome of your immaturity, might save your marriage.

Remain Sexually Active

Sex is a very strong pillar that supports a marriage. If you fail to offer pleasure and hardly bother about satisfying your partner on bed, you are taking a step back and inviting situations worse than divorce i.e. extra marital affairs.

It is too hard to control the physical needs after a stage, and if you are un-able to offer passionate sex, or are un-willing to do so (and are less active sexually), your man/woman may fall too weak to overcome somebody who can perform brilliantly on bed. Thus, learn the art of seduction and offer killing sex to your spouse that keeps him/her waiting for more all the time.

Save your marriage

If your marriage has already suffered from the side-effects of lack of intimacy, and you still want to save your marriage from divorce, it is essential for you to start taking interest in your partner sexually. This change will be a sudden but a welcomed pleasure for your partner, and it would definitely fill the missing element in your marriage too.

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Offer Freedom

Sometimes a marriage contains all the elements to make it a hit and a hot relationship; but the lack of trust and consequently reduced freedom plays a spoil sport in between. When you already share everything with a person completely, you must surrender all your fears and offer him/her the freedom to socialize.

Every person needs time for family and friends, and if you behave in an irrational manner and turn rebellious, no matter how good you are at bed, how much you love your partner’s annoying habits and how much respect you offer in public; all would fall short of maintaining a successful relationship. You will have to respect all the people in your partner’s life ranging from his/her family to friends, in order to ensure that you never face a divorce.

Support In Down Times

A person can teach you how and why to offer respect in public and person, how to accept other people in each other’s life and how to perform exceptionally on bed; but if you fail to support your partner in low and bad times, you cannot save your relationship afterwards.

Save your marriage

The only time you have is in the present, as future would offer no chance of fixing this missing element. A man/woman looks upto his/her spouse in low times for support; especially when they face criticism and failure in the outside world. In such a scenario, if you miss out on becoming a shade and instead join the league of the others, you will suffer from a dead relationship in the end.

Thus, all the above-listed 5 methods must be followed to make a marriage work and to save your own self from the pain of a divorce.

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