5 in 100 patients have “Kill-MD” urge


London – No doubt doctors are considered next to God on this planet but what happens when this so called God is not able to fulfill his job for what so ever may be the reason. As per the studies patient thinks of killing him, yes this is quoted as per the stats that were generated.

It has been seen that patient who is agonized with pain feels like killing his doctor if he does not gets the desired result. These happen to those patients who are in pain, undergoing physical rehabilitation or seeking legal compensation for disability.

In the study, carried out by David Fishbain et. Al. at the University of Miami, Florida, it was established that just over 5 in 100 of approximately 800 physical rehabilitation patients admitted with feeling like they wanted to kill their doctor.

Even amongst a control group, who were not being treated for any condition, somewhat fewer than 1 in 50 said they had beforehand had the similar urge.

Fishbain says that disbelieve of doctors often motivate the problem. Involvement in a disability recompense case is, for instance, an essential predictor of what he calls the “kill-MD” urge.

He says that patients often turn out to be angry as they feel that their doctor will not hold up their recompense claim. Being in pain, perhaps not astonishingly, was another factor powering whether patients felt lethal desire.

The work was accessible at the American Pain Society meeting this month in Tampa, Florida.


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