5 Ideas On How To Save A Marriage

How To Save A Marriage

How To Save A Marriage Are you confused as to what happened to your fairy tale romance? You had an almost perfect beginning, a grand wedding and a romantic honeymoon, but just some time in the marriage and you begin to feel the routine set in and there is something missing from your relationship that you can’t point your finger on.

Such is our lifestyle these days, after a long tiring day at work and busy career lives we hardly get time for ourselves and our loved ones. In this scenario, marriage becomes the most neglected part of one’s life. We start taking the institution of marriage for granted. One of the reasons for the increase in divorce rates could well be this.

Hence, it becomes very important for you to keep working for your marriage to save it and just like plant nurture it with love and care. Keep the romance alive in your marriage and see how that magic returns to your life. Some interesting and smart ideas to keep the sparks flying are here.

Tips for Save A Marriage

Dirty Dancing

One golden rule for couples to keep romance alive in their marriage is dancing together. No, just not in parties or under the moonlight on a beach (although that is very romantic in its own way) but join a dance class to learn forms like waltz, rumba or salsa that are close dances and allow a lot of intimacy with your partner.

Holding each other close to a perfect music and swaying with one another will help you relax in each other’s arms soon. Believe me, having an hour or two of togetherness this way will remind you of your dating days and elevate the romance quotient of your relationship.

Laughing and giggling together while attempting some difficult steps will only bring the two of you closer. Often in the grind of daily lives we forget how to hold each other delicately and yet give shivers to each other. Dancing will make your bond grow stronger and will also be a good change for both of you.

Enjoy Runaway Weekends

Both of you are busy in your respective careers or at home. Work just doesn’t seem to end. If you are parents, work almost triples and you are left with little or no time for romance. In such a scenario, you have to make efforts to keep up with your desires of love. Plan a weekend together and run away to some place nearby on a Friday night.

ideas to save your marriage

If you have children ask somebody if they can help by babysitting them. Spend two days nestled in each other’s arms. Trust me; nothing is better than being with your partner this way. Leave the sightseeing and adventure for some other time. Let all the adventure be inside your room, if you know what I mean. Call for room service and feed each other with loads of passion and love. It is guaranteed to send the sparks flying.

A Personal Spa

Such is our lifestyle that we crave for a massage. Now won’t it be awesome if your partner gave it to you? For the wives, after your husband comes back home, give neck rubs while asking him about his day. Run your fingers in his hair and you will find him begin to relax. Husbands should not forget that even though their wives have been at home, work load is immense on them too.

Women love it when you rub the back of their hands and neck or just caress their arms. To really heat up the atmosphere you could actually plan an evening of full body massage with aroma oils. To add a little naughtiness chocolate, caramel and whipped cream massages will also work wonders. Decorate the room with dimly lit lights or scented candles.

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Small Gestures of Care and Love

Research has proved that physically touching your partner evokes feeling of love and romance. These can be random hugs, holding hands, caressing arms, touching cheeks and stealing kisses. In our mundane lives it is very important to steal moments of love which will be cherished and keep the smile and the blush intact on your face.

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Find out new ways of showing your partner you crave for them in the presence of others without hurting their sensibilities. Wink to your wife at a party or lightly touch her hand as she hands you the cup of coffee. Wives can just touch the husbands lightly with their foot under the table. In a theatre hold each other close while watching the film and go out for walks in the rain holding each other’s hands.

Pleasing to the Eye is Pleasing to the Heart

No matter how much or how often we deny it, but the truth is that we want to and love to see our partner look good and pretty. It does not mean that you have to dawn on designer clothes or put layers of makeup. It just means that you look clean, fresh and pretty. When your husband comes back from work he should be greeted with a smile.

Remember a smile is the best makeup on a woman’s face. Men too need to understand that their wives also want to see their men look good. Take a shower and dress up clean. Spray a little cologne, preferably your wife’s favourite and see how it turns her on. Look good and feel good for yourself and for one another.