5 Elements Which Can Fight Fatigue While Pregnant

5 Elements Which Can Fight Fatigue While Pregnant

5 Elements Which Can Fight Fatigue While Pregnant Fatigue can be an early symptom of pregnancy. It may not necessarily harm you or your baby until it leads to exhaustion. But with the numerous changes your body undergoes during pregnancy, it can be really difficult to determine one which is normal and one which is not. Nonetheless, it is vital to keep your body (and mind) relaxed by all means.

Fighting fatigue is important in doing so because your body is now working at an increased pace than it usually does. While the second trimester can be comparatively easier, the first and last trimesters can be demanding considering the fatigue encountered. Your doctor remains your best friend to advice what is best for you. Meanwhile, find some simple elements which contribute to preserve your energy and fight fatigue. 5 have been mentioned here for quick browsing.

Tips to Fight Fatigue during Pregnancy

Sound Sleep

Good sleep can be the last thing to expect during pregnancy. But sound sleep is crucial to fight fatigue while you are pregnant. Give your body the liberty to rest properly so as to energize and accomplish everyday tasks. And quality of sleep is equally important as quantity of sleep. Experts recommend 7-9 hours of sleep at night.

To get good sleep, prepare before going to bed. This is not the time when you can sleep with noise or clutter around. Choose a soft comfortable cushion (neither very soft nor very hard); shut the television or any other thing which can keep your brain alert. Relax before going to bed by having a bath or reading your favorite write-up. Get pillows around you to support the bump and back.

Tip: Although sound sleep at night is crucial, go for naps during daytime.

Food and Drink

What you eat, particularly in the morning, can keep your energy levels elevated throughout. Sometimes, iron deficiency can cause fatigue during pregnancy. You may need iron supplements if your iron intake is below the required level. Opt for foods rich in iron like leafy green vegetables, eggs, sardines, poultry, seafood, iron-fortified whole-grain cereal and beans.

5 Elements Which Can Fight Fatigue While Pregnant

Include fibrous foods in your diet like oats and brown bread. Besides combating constipation (which can be a regular complaint), these foods can also provide enough energy to fight fatigue while pregnant. Choose food carefully because you may not like to eat many things during pregnancy. Keep multiple options so that if one fails, you can count on the other.

Consume fruit juices and smoothies, like orange juice, which aid iron absorption. Go for herbal teas which are a better caffeine-free alternative. There are various flavors to try – peppermint , ginger camomile. Avoid tannin (as in tea and coffee) as it can make iron absorption difficult. If you want to have tea or coffee, just ensure to limit the intake (to about 3 mugs of instant coffee per day). Experts recommend limiting caffeine consumption to approximately 300mg every day.

Tip: Drink plenty of water, but avoid too much water consumption during evening and night to resist frequent urination during night.

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Body Signal

You may be a workaholic but pregnancy is not the time to show your skills. Do not overburden your body with too much work (which can cause exhaustion). If you feel tired, take rest and continue to take short breaks from work whether at home or at workplace. Never work beyond your energy level which can naturally come down during pregnancy (although not throughout). Avoid traveling unnecessarily or socializing too much. Whenever you get time or feel like, take rest. Simply getting up and moving around can work well.

Tip: If you cannot find rest, pretend to be sick.

Bump Movement

If you find fighting fatigue difficult, switch on some music and dance. Experts believe that if you exercise to your favorite tunes, you can feel less tired. Get your old favorites playing but be generous on your body. Another option is to exercise gently. Walking, swimming or other low-impact activities can energize you for good. You may join a course/class specially programmed for pregnant women in accordance with your needs.

Tip: Consult your doctor for some good exercising tricks.

Solitude and Silence

Pregnancy is a stage when your body needs can be demanding; nonetheless, solitude and calmness are not to be compromised with. Find some time during the day when you can sideline all your schedules and agendas (shirk the ‘what next’ attitude). Take some time exclusively for yourself away from spouse and children (if you already have).

5 Elements Which Can Fight Fatigue While Pregnant

If possible, switch off the mobile so that nobody can interfere in your privacy. Once you have the baby, it is going to be rush hour throughout the baby’s infancy. Unless you are fortunate to have someone to help you, you should not expect too much solitude once the baby is born.

Tip: If you find it difficult to take some time off exclusively for yourself, enroll in a short program of your choice.