5 Effective Natural Remedies to Deal with Yeast Infections

People are now very conscious about their health and want to know more about the natural cures for problems like yeast infection. There are many other treatments also available but the natural treatment for yeast infection is the permanent and right solution.

The most important advantage of natural cure for Yeast Infections is that it does not have any side effects and can be used repeatedly if needed while other drugs and creams available for yeast infection have their side effects.

You can deal with yeast infection at home by making your own treatment. In this way, you can save your money being wasted otherwise on the use of drugs which are less effective comparatively.

Following are some good home treatments for yeast infection and they are even better and rapid in action than any other drug.

1. Yogurt Treatment:
This is the best treatment to deal with yeast infection and it has been used by many for many years. Plain yogurt has acidophilus in it and this helps to kill the yeast which is responsible for the infection. But you should only choose the yogurt which is natural and does not contain any artificial flavors. The treatment is very simple as you can either apply the yogurt on the affected area or simply eat yogurt. For vaginal infection, dip a tampon in yogurt before you insert it.

Yogurt can also be used in the form of ice cubes as it helps to cure the burning feeling on the infected area. This treatment will surely help to cure the problem within a few days.

2. Acidophilus:
Use of products rich in acidophilus is a great treatment against yeast infection. Almost all dairy products have acidophilus and it is a natural and fast treatment for the disease.

3. Gentian Violet:
You can use this to apply on the infected area to cure the disease. If you are using it on the vagina, it is good to use napkin after the application.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar:
This is one of the best natural treatments for any type of yeast infection. It is recommended to dilute it before use as otherwise it may give you pain when applied in concentrated form. You can also use it in your bath tub.

5. Buttermilk:
This not only helps to create resistance to avoid getting infection, but also helps to cure the problem.