4 Pros And Cons Of Open Relationships

Pros and Cons of Open Relationships

Pros and Cons of Open Relationships Everyone loves freedom; let that be in relationships or at work place. Open Relationships are nothing but relationship with less commitments and more freedom. In fact, there are no commitments in an open relationship. Again, it completely depends on the two partners; they might decide some ground rules.

Every coin has two sides, so does open relationships. The relationship can be an annoyance or entertaining for different people. They have pros and cons and eventually it’s the partners’ who have to decide if they want to go with open relationships or no. some people decide to be in an open relationship to make things go well in their sinking relationship.

In an open relationship both the partners can have sex with anyone; and this wouldn’t be known as cheating. That’s the reason it’s an open relationship.

4 Pros and Cons of Open Relationships

Pros – Freedom

When two people are in an open relationship, they have freedom to have sex with anyone they want, freedom of going on dates with other people, freedom of not answering calls. All the things that are a must in a serious relationship are a big No-No in open relationships.

Con – Jealousy

Human tendency is such that, we tend to be jealous very quickly. Maybe your partner with whom you are in an open relationship, might tell you about one of their experiences on their weekend and you might just be jealous. Jealousy is a problem when one has to share their belongings. No one wants their partner to sleep around with few hot people in the town.

Pros – No long list of Rules

How many times have you heard your partner asking you to quit something like alcohol or cigarettes? Or have you had a long list of rules when you were starting to be in a relationship? Well in open relationships there wouldn’t be long lists of rules. You’ll be free of many rules.

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Cons – One sided love

When a couple is just an open relationship couple there are no commitments and no strings attached. But there’s a possibility that one of the two might fall in love with the other, while the other is still in the open relationship mood. This can worsen the case.

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Pros – Have Sex with anyone you want

You don’t have to feel guilty after having sex with the hottest guy or girl at your workplace. Unless the sex is safe you can just have sex with anyone you want. This was the main objective, why open relationships came to its existence.

Cons – Sexually Transmitted Disease

There’s a chance that due to such arrangement, if precaution not taken carefully one might have some sexually transmitted disease. This will spoil the life of both the partners.

Pros – Better prospect

Maybe after being with a few open relationship partners, you might find that Mr. or Miss. Right. Maybe out of all the sex you have had with few people you might think one of it was real love making.

Cons – No proper Dates

An open relationship partners can’t have the perfect date. They can’t say ‘I love you’ to the other. They can’t behave like two people completely in love.

Well these were some of the pros and cons of Open Relationships, if you are thinking of being in one just sit with your partner, think twice, read this article twice and then take a decision.

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