3 Sexually Transmitted Diseases

std Healthy sex is pleasurable and it has a lot of health benefits. On the other hand, unsafe sex brings a lot of worry when one gets infected. It is therefore very important to ensure that your partner is healthy and free from any infection.

How do you know that you have been infected and how do you treat yourself.

1. Scabies is characterized by itchiness and bumps on the skin and between your fingers. Also, it can found under your breast, around your wrist and around your genitals or buttocks.

It can be treated by applying a lotion which can be bought from any pharmacy. Your bedding has to be sterilized by washing in very hot scalding water in order to reduce the risk of getting infected again.

2. Trichomoniasis is an infection of the vagina and surrounding area by a tiny organism. It is characterized by itchiness and smelly yellow discharge from the genitals. Sometimes the discharge may be white.

Men do not have any symptoms and they may find it difficult to diagnose this infection. This infection can be treated by a medication of special tablets prescribed by your doctor.

3. Thrush can be contacted with or without sexual intercourse. The causative organism is candida albicans and it affects the penis and the vulva and vagina of women.

Thrush is characterized by itching vulva and a discharge from the vagina that is thick and white. Women also feel pain when urinating. For the men, the penis is usually itchy.

Treatment for women is by inserting a tampon immersed in yogurt into your genitals. They are advised to see their doctor if symptoms persist. Treatment for men is with the application of a cream.

It is also very important to note here that the use of condoms is not 100% disease prevention. It depends on how you put it on and how you take it off. When putting on a condom, you have to pinch the cap designed to accommodate your sperm so that it is airtight.

Failure to do this will result in the rupture of the condom during sex. Next, roll the condom up the length of your penis so that only the cap is left at the tip of your member. When taking it off you should wash your hands thoroughly. Hold the rubber ring of the condom against your penis and pull it out gently.