12 Ways To Be Cool

ways to be cool

ways to be cool The word “Cool” can be used to replace the words like nice, beautiful, fine, calm, sober, excellent and many more in the modern world. Being cool is one of the great human qualities one can possess and like other good qualities developing a cool attitude is quite difficult.

People may say everyone else as a nice person but to be called as “cool person” requires extra features. Cool persons are very rare to find and they are the most convenient people you would like to spend your time with.

Being cool is more about your decent attitude and less about your dressing sense and style. I mean you can be cool without cool outfits but you cannot be cool without cool attitude. Cool people are cool in every situation from adverse to happiest.

No matter what cool people never lose their control, they are positive thinkers in true sense. If you set your long term goal as to become cool person, I will say it is worth to have such an aim. You will never regret in your life of being cool. Following are few things which if you acquire can turn you into cool personality.

1. Stand Alone If Required:

In our day to day lives there are different situations where our opinions differ with others. But if you are a cool person you will always stick to your own opinions provided they are right opinions. Do not follow groups, crowd if you think they are wrong and take your own stand. Remember it is not necessary to follow the society to live in the society, rather you should strive to change the society and take it towards the development.

2. Do Not Lose Your Temper:

The common feature among all the cool people in the world is they never lose their temper, they never get angry. Cool guy always believe anger does not solve the problem, it is a solution which actually solves the problem. To find solution you must think and then act which is possible if you don’t waste your time in anger, hatred and resentment. All those who got “Nobel Prize for peace” were the cool personalities.

3. Take Care Of Your Circle Of Influence:

Cool people worry only about the things which they can influence or control. They do not waste their resources in uncontrollable things like death, future and accidents. They take care of their behavior and not the behavior of say some corrupt politician or gangster. Because they know, they can alter the thoughts of others immediately but they can change themselves rapidly.

4. Be Succinct:

Cool people talk in very attractive way. They talk less but they talk meaningful and they talk what is necessary. Their every word is thoughtful and through. They never hurt anyone through their verbal communication. They make people talk with them because they are also the good listeners and give respect to all including those who are younger to them. Take care that whatever you’re talking makes sense and keep it in accordance with what you are doing.

5. Never Hurry:

A cool person is always in the state of relaxation and relief. He always plan well in advance so he never make hurry at the 11th hour. He never forgets the things behind or miss the bus because of laziness. He looks slow and steady but finally he is the one who gets the victory.

6. Don’t Compete:

Cool person competes only with his own previous standards. He does not pay any attention towards others for any kind of competition. He does his duty with all efforts but he never interferes with others. He also don’t care about how much others hate him or dislike him, he just take care of his own soul.

7. Check Your Limits:

how to be cool

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A cool person never cross his limits regarding everything. He never overdo, he maintains the balance. He avoids overfriendliness, over kindness, so people should not feel uncomfortable of him. Even if he drinks or smoke he do it with consciousness and never drives when he is drunk.

8. Be Passionate:

Every person who succeeded in getting success had some kind of passion to pursue. With the time they refined their passion and set new standards. For you to be cool person have the visible passion for at least one thing in the life. Have all the knowledge and understanding of your passion. When you will talk about your passion others will be surprised to know your talent.

9. Keep Up With the Time:

It is useless to walk 20km when you can go there with public transport. The world has changed so does the thoughts and trends. Few changes were extreme which caused damages but few changes were blessings. A cool guy always talks and does, which is practical and relevant to current age. So don’t appear old adult in front of young generation.

10. Have Good Dressing Sense:

Being cool is about attitude but your dressing sense does play some part for people to call you “cool”. Have different and attractive outfits but not the weird outfits. Have proper color combinations of the trouser and shirt. Put on brand new clothes regularly, it will make you feel cool automatically. People wear new clothes only on festivals and occasions but you should wear new clothes on any odd day for appearing attractive.

11. Have Decent Girlfriend Or Wife:

Every male on this planet aspires for most beautiful girl. But a cool male aspire for decent girlfriend or cool girlfriend. If your girlfriend is fighting with you regularly you will never acquire cool state, so don’t compromise on your girlfriend or wife. Marry or date only with cool and decent girl.

12. Be Romantic:

Every cool guy is also a romantic guy. He has the good understanding about love, relationships, dates, gifts. People like talking about romantic topics and they always search for an adviser for their next romantic occasion. So make people come to you for the suggestion regarding gifts, dating places.

A cool person is an individual brain with individual attitude. You can be cool at any age in your life if you follow all these ways. His decisions are not affected by society’s beliefs and opinions.

He is pure in his thoughts and action; he hardly makes any terrible mistake. A cool person is the symbol of peace, love and unity. His presence makes the surrounding more exciting and charming. A cool person is that form of human which God actually wished for every human being to be.