10 Ways to Feel Sexy

sexylook Look good to feel great.

If you’re a woman, take the time to look your best by fixing up your hair and doing your makeup. Make a salon appointment, have a facial, get your hair and nails done.

And if you’re a guy – surprise! – do the same: get a facial and have your nails done. Men are expected to be well groomed in today’s society and these activities are no longer taboo.

Get some new, flattering lingerie in a style you haven’t tried before.

Again, this advice applies to both men and women.  Toss out the granny panties, ladies, and go for some thongs or bikinis. Men, it’s time to exchange those tighty-whiteys for some boxers that allow you to feel more sexual. Or better yet, try putting on some silk boxers. Allow yourself to feel the smooth sensation of silk against your skin.

Think “tango.”

Turn your next dance with your partner into a moving seduction. The marvelous Argentinean dance, the tango, is a classic example of sensuality in motion. Try taking some tango classes to get a real feel for the movements.

Give your lover a sensual experience once a week.

You both might be surprised at how stimulating a massage, a bubble bath or a foot rub can be. Don’t forget the scented oil.

Put on your sexy duds.

We can get into such a routine of responsibilities that we forget to enjoy our bodies. Get that sexy clothing out of your closet and put it on!

Learn physical techniques to please your partner more.

Start out by asking your partner what they enjoy. Then plan out how you can make that pleasure even more intense.

Take the lead in your next sexual encounter if you’re the woman.

Women have been socialized to be receptive and passive in intimate moments. Instead, dominate your partner. Instruct your partner how best to please you and take charge of your encounter. You both will enjoy the change in pace.

Get out of the darkness.

Light some candles before having sex instead of turning out the lights. You’ll delight in the fact that you can see one another by soft, romantic light.

Read and write.

That’s right; get those erotic fantasies going in your head. Buy some good erotic fiction, or write your own and surprise your partner with it. Then see if you can act out the story together.