10 tips on how to keep the romance alive in your marriage


It is said that the romance is alive only before the marriage and it is away as soon as one is engaged in marriage. However this statement is generally not true as there are several ways by which one can enjoy romance even after marriage. There are several tips through which you can easily keep the romance alive after the marriage:

1. You have to give more attention when there is a special occasion in your family life and if you select a unique gift for your partner it will increase the love in your relation.

2. If you offer body massage, shoulder massage or foot massages to your partner while resting at night after being tired from the office, it will definitely add romance in your life.

3. The other thing which can add romance is by presenting lovely cards and love letters to your partner, it can be in any form such as email, phone messages etc. This will reflect your passion and feelings toward your partner. The hand written letter is a rare style, if you try this it will help you to explain your partner that how much romantic you are!

4. The other way through which you can add romance after the marriage is by sitting with your partner for late night and sharing the most lovely moments and events occurred in your college times.

5. If you praise the good qualities of your partner in front of others, it would definitely help in adding romance in your life.

6. The hobbies of keeping romantic birds, plants, flowers, candy etc can add romance in the life of married couple. There are several females who love to have beautiful flowers or delicious chocolate box. By gifting these things you can easily increase the romance in your simple life.

7. You may gift your partner the framed photograph of both of you which will refresh your old memories and would increase your love as well.

8. You can arrange a surprise outing with your partner to any of the romantic place and this would help in adding romance in your life.

9. Hearing light music which your partner likes to hear in your bed room would also have the effect of making you and your partner more romantic.

10. Celebrate all the special occasions which happened in your life and this would also increase romance in your married life. Thus by following these 10 tips, you can keep the romance alive even after marriage.