10 Tips On How To Impress A Woman

tips to impress a woman

tips to impress a woman The art of making a good first impression on a girl still remains a mystery. Many men assume that they do everything right but fail to leave that charm on their dream girl. Well, there must be something that you are not doing right.

It sure is tough to think from a girl’s point of view, but it certainly is not impossible. All you have to do is include few traits to your personality and avoid doing somethings in order to impress a girl. Here are a few tips that will surely help you leave a long lasting and perfect first impression on a girl.

Groom Yourself

To begin, with you will have to groom yourself properly. Most guys, dress up awkwardly and end up thinking that their cool quotient has elevated. But the truth is that the dirty, rugged look might not work, if you are looking to leave a good first impression.

So try to avoid that rough look initially and try to dress up decently. Ensure that you have a great bath, brush your teeth, shave and comb your hair properly.Wear a good set of proper clothes which suits you best. Once you leave a good impression on the girl, you can switch back to your kind of looks.

Remain Positive And Confidant

Looks do play a very important role in leaving a good first impression. But a person’s attitude leaves a better impact on others. So ensure that you put up a brave and confidant front. It does not matter how bad you look, a great confidant and positive attitude makes up for it. Make sure that you do not tremble or fidget too much and talk to the girl with a sane stater of mind.

Be Yourself

Most guys in an effort to impress a girl go out of their way. They say and do unnecessary things which they think might impress the girl but only makes them look stupid. So it is best to be entirely yourself to leave a good impression on a girl.

Do not try to cook up hypothetical stories or brag about the things you have or own. Ensure that you just say things that are true to leave a long lasting impression. Honesty is a quality that most girls admire and so make sure that you remain honest.

Be Polite

Girls love it when guys are polite to them and respect them. Little gestures like opening the door for her, pulling out a chair for her etc. might sweep her off her feet. However, some girls might not like these gestures as these ethics are way too conservative for them. So in such cases, avoid such gestures. But it sure is worth a try to leave a first good impression on a girl.

Work On Your Conversational Skills

If you have been watching this girl for quite sometime and you wish to approach her but are not sure about your conversational skills, then it is better that you work on your conversational skills before approaching her.

The very first thing that you say to a girl is what forms the foundation for a first impression and if you get that right then the girl will surely be impressed. However, if you get it wrong, then your first impression will become your last impression. So make sure that you start working on your conversational skills to leave the best first impression on a girl.

Maintain The Right Posture

Along with the right conversational skills, also make sure that you maintain the right posture at all times. The posture of a person determines a lot about the qualities and personalities of a person. Always walk, stand and sit straight and avoid slouching all the time. Also try to stay calm and composed at all times and try to not fidget all the time. The right posture plays a very vital role in leaving a good impression.

ways to impress a woman

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Let Her Talk

Some guys are so prepared to leave the best first impression on a girl, that they prepare speeches and plan conversations. It sure is a great step, but some guys tend to over do it. Do not get engrossed in your speeches and planned conversations. Also give the girl a chance to talk.

Girls love to talk and love the guys who like to see them talk. So make sure that you let her talk and also show interest in her conversations and hobbies. Make it a point that you talk in moderation and be more of a listener in your conversation with the girl you are trying to impress.

Flaunt Your Knowledge

Do not feel shy to share your opinion about things that you are aware of. Girls do look forward to intelligent conversations. However, try not to sound to nerdy as that might give her the wrong impression. So make sure that you maintain the right balance and try not too sound to intelligent or serious. But the right dose of intelligence will surely leave a good impact on her.

Be Witty

As important it is to flaunt your knowledge and intelligence, you will also have to make sure that you show her the fun part of you. So make sure that you maintain a good sense of humour to impress the girl. Girls love guys who like to have fun and are witty. Your wit and humour will surely leave her feeling all attracted to you.

Be Positive

Girls do look for some amount of emotions in a guy but they certain does not fall for guys who are sad and depressed all the time. So even if you have some problem, make sure that does not affect your efforts to impress her. Try to be happy and positive around her.

Do not bore her with your past when trying to make a first impression. Once the girl falls for you, you can share your past and other feelings with her. However, ensure that you keep such emotional and sad stories at bay during the initial stages.