10 reasons not to dump your men


In this modern world, we can see that couples leave each other for just a small matter. They break all the promises they made at the time of marriage. They forgot all the wonderful time they spend together. Though there are many couples who live with each other for whole life. There are no specific reasons for breakup of marriages now-a-days. It is usually seen that women dump their men. The cause can be anything like infidelity, jealousy and argument, etc. but this article will tell you 10 reasons why you should not dump your man.

The first reason is that though he might have troubled you a lot but still he is the only one in this world who loves you more than himself. Anyone else can’t love you like he loves you as he is the one who has spent much of his life time with you.

The second reason is that he might be wrong or might have committed a mistake but he is also the one who must have forgiven you for many of your mistake, so it’s your duty to cooperate with him and forgive him for his small mistakes.

The third reason because of which you should not dump your man is that he has provided for much of your needs. He has taken care of you and has fulfilled almost all of your needs before even being asked by you.

The fourth reason is that if you will dump your man, you will spoil your life and your children’s life. It’s your duty to think about the children before ending the relation.

The fifth reason is that you both have shared many secrets of your life together and you have spent many beautiful moments together. He is the same man with whom you were living for such a long time. So why dump him if he is the same person who has been caring for you since so many years.

The sixth reason is that every human being can commit mistake. You should try to correct him or should give him some time to repent for what he has done. There are many ways which you can use to correct the problem other than dumping your men.

The seventh reason is that it may be possible that the other person to whom you will marry may be even worse than your men. So, it’s better to stay with your men.

The eighth reason is that you married him because of some qualities that you might have seen in him. The man is same; all you need is just to explore the old qualities.

The ninth reason is that if you dump your men, then he will be free to do all the wrong things he is doing. It’s your duty to keep a check on your men, as you promised during the time of marriage.

The tenth reason is that dumping anyone does not benefit any individual. It only leads to loss, tension and sadness.