Looking for New Features in Office Suite – Top 10 Alternatives for MS Office

Word processing suites are one of the most popular and useful software for saving your word documents. You can save your official documents and use them as per your requirement. Microsoft office is widely used for this purpose. However, now there are some more options under office suite software to perform your word processing activities.

In fact, Microsoft is losing its grounds in the market of word processing software because people are finding it more convenient to work with other office suites. There are many reasons behind this downfall of Microsoft’ office program. The one main reason is its high cost. You require a lot of space in your hard drive to install it and if your RAM has low capacity then it will result in slowing down the speed of your computer system.

There are many alternatives on the internet  for Microsoft office that can prove a better and powerful tool for handling your official documents. These alternatives supports each format of official documents and hence you don’t require to rewrite them if you want to use them further with MS Office.

The good news is that these word processing suites are absolutely free and you can use them online for various activities like creating presentations, spreadsheets, documents and image processing.

Here is the list list of top 10 online free office suites.

1. Open Office 

This office suite works with various operating systems like Windows, Max and Linux. It is an open source for creating official documents as well as graphics. One more important feature of this suite is that it is available in many different languages and easily accessible through common computers.

2. Google Docs 

Google Docs is getting very popular nowadays. You can easily create the basic documents in it. Also, it provides the access for uploading your exiting documents in your mail account.  It supports all the formats of office suites. By clicking a toolbar button you can perform the activities like font change, underline, bold etc.

3. Adobe Buzzword 

This is an online office suite that helps in writing the proposals or reports. Buzzword has an attractive look that works as your desktop application  and you can also share the feedback through this software. However it has one limitation that it works only with a web browser.

4. NeoOffice 

This software works with Mac operating system and contains the full set of featured office applications. This office suite is based on OpenOffice.org  in which some additional features are provided for the unique needs of Mac users.

5. IBM Lotus Symphony 

It is a set of intuitive, easy-to-use business productivity applications for creating, editing and sharing documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Lotus Symphony is available for a wide range of platforms, including Mac OS X, Windows Vista and Windows 7, and Red Hat, SUSE, and Ubuntu Linux.

6. Peepel 

Peepel is a unique approach to online applications, allowing multiple applications to run in the same window. Users can open as many applications as they wish in multiple resizable PeepelWindows within the one browser window. PeepelWindows are not pop-ups and can be resized, moved, stacked or cascaded.

7. SSuite office Software 

This software works with Windows operating system and is very helpful for the new users. It contains all the applications for better functioning of office suites. Its colorful and user friendly design makes it a popular choice among the people.

8. Zoho 

Zoho.com is a website for working on comprehensive office documents. It is very useful for business professionals. This website offers more than 20 free online applications that will help you in project management, web conferencing and invoicing.

9. Etherpad 

Tis is also a web based application for word processing and it was the first online office suite. You can watch your editing task instantly and it works in real-time procedure.

10. KOffice 

A free word processing office suite for Windows, Mac and Linux operating system that has eight packages for performing various functions including image editing.

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