London College of Communication – A Smart Choice!

London is considered to be one of the best cities of the world in terms of undergraduate, as well as postgraduate education. If you are considering a career in the communication industry, or something related to it, then London College of Communication should make a good choice. It is one of the six reputed colleges that fall under the University of Arts, London.

The reason why LCC is so famous is because it keeps a constant watch on the media, design and communication industries, and makes sure that the syllabus being taught to the students is updated accordingly. This means that the students get industry-oriented knowledge, and develop skills, which will enable them to become smart professionals, and grab a job as soon as they graduate.

The professors at the college too are people who have worked in the industry for several years, and have excellent experience. Also, LCC keeps on organizing various seminars, meets and other such events where eminent personalities from the design, media and communication industries are invited, so that students can have a healthy interaction and gain information about the working world.

Currently, LCC offers courses on a wide variety of subjects, which includes Typography, Photography, Theatre, Animation, 3D Design, Sound Arts, Surface Design, Public Relations, Product Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Game Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Documentary Research, Digital Media, and Films, Video and Broadcast among many other subjects as well. Information on all of these courses, their eligibility criteria, completion criteria, fee and other related details can be easily found on the LCC website.

The University of Arts, London is a university, which sees thousands of international enrolments each year. Thus, it is obvious that even LCC has a large number of international students coming from different parts of the world. Applications from international students are always welcome at LCC, and the college also helps such students in the admission procedure, accommodation, financial aid, and other related services. If you wish to know more about international admissions, you can always seek assistance from the division at LCC for the same.

For those looking at short courses and online courses, keep checking the LCC website for recent updates, as it keeps on launching new programs and flexible education methods regularly.

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