Konad Nail Art: A Unique Nail Art Technique

The technique of Konad nail art originated in Asia and is currently well known throughout the world for high quality nail artists as well as trendy and unique nail art techniques.

The technique has been adopted throughout the world and has become the most favorite nail art technique for nail artists across the globe for the detailed and quick nail art styles.

Konad nail art technique stands out amongst all other techniques of nail art and is considered to be the ‘mother’ of all nail stamping products available in the market. It is true that a large number of companies have come up with various nail art products, but there aren’t many that are good enough to replace the low-cost Konad techniques, both in terms of quality as well as patterns.

In order to create beautiful patterns and designs with Konad nail art technique, you will need to have certain things including:

Konad Image Plates:

More than 75 varieties of Konad Image plates are available in the market; you can choose the ones you need.

Konad Stamping Polish:

Dozens of shades of Konad stamping polish are available for using according to the design.

Scraper and Stamper Set:

The scraper and stamper set can be obtained both with the complete Konad package, as well as separately).

Base Coat:

The base coat used in Konad nail art is quite unique and must be applied before applying the designs.

Top Coat:

This the unique top coat that is applied on top to complete and seal off the nail art design.

It is recommended for you to spend some time practicing your nail art technique before using it on any other people or your clients. There are various tricks and tips that you should be aware of to perfect the technique of Konad nail art.

If you are making use of a new package of Konad nail art products and a fresh stamper, it is important to file the surface using a high grit file (240) or use a special polish on the work surface. Make sure that you do not use any other nail polish than the special nail polish manufactured by Konad.

This is because the special Konad nail polish in a lot thicker in comparison to usual nail polishes and has a much higher viscosity level which is required for creating detailed nail art designs. Before you apply the top coat, allow the design to dry for some time, or the pattern can be smudged and destroyed.

Konad nail art kits are great for those who are just beginning their career in the field of nail art. They are perfect for newbies due to their popular design plates as well as special nail polishes.

All Konad stamping kits are compatible with one another, so you can conveniently add different image plates and enhance your skills. Just like any other technique, practice is the only thing that will make your technique perfect. Spend some time perfecting the technique and soon you will be coming up with beautiful patterns and designs using Konad nail art technique.

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