Kate Middleton’s Mom Following A Hazardous Diet To Stay In Shape For The Royal Wedding

Prince William’s future mother-in-law Carole Middleton is eating prawns and cottage cheese to lose weight. Although all eyes will be fixed on her daughter Kate on the royal wedding day, Carole Middleton also hopes to attract the admiring gaze of people around her with her stunning appearance. Therefore, to look attractive she is shedding the extra pounds from her body with the help of the Dukan diet.

In an earlier interview, Mrs. Middleton revealed her dieting secrets. The diet, which helped Mrs. Middleton lose four pounds within four days, has been marked hazardous by the food, environmental and occupational health and safety agency of France or ANSES.

The diet formulated by a French nutritionist named Pierre Dukan is followed by several celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, the opera singer Katherine Jenkins and the supermodel Gisele Bundchen. Dukan has explained his dieting formula in a book titled “Jen e sais pas maigrir”, meaning, “I don’t know how to diet”. Two million copies of the book have been sold in France. The English edition of the book, launched in May, rapidly scaled the bestseller list in Britain.

However, ANSES has found that Dukan’s diet is an unbalanced diet plan, which increases the risk of nutritional imbalance. This diet contains excess protein, higher than the recommended daily protein requirement. Moreover, during the first two phases of dieting, the diet is devoid of fibers. The fiber content is ten times lower than the recommended daily fiber intake.

Vitamin C is missing in the Dukan’s diet plan. In the early phase of the diet, the meals are excessively salty. It contained two times more salt than the recommended amount. While trying to pack the diet with vitamin D, Dukan had added extra vitamin D, four times higher than the daily recommended dose.

Dukan’s diet is divided into four phases. The diet resembles the high protein Atkins diet plan. At the initial stage of dieting, dieters are asked to avoid fats. During the high protein and low fat dieting phase, the dieter rapidly loses weight. In the latter phase of dieting, fruits and breads are gradually introduced in the diet.

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