Jhootha Hi Sahi – Movie Review

In Abbas Tyrewalla’s second youth oriented flick, after Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, the audience had high hopes from the director in Jhootha Hi Sahi. The film marks the transition of John Abraham’s focus on romantic roles rather than the usual action/beefcake roles that he has been portraying till date. The cast is fresh with the leading lady’s role being essayed by Pakhi Tyrewalla, who makes a good debut.

Sidhharth played by John Abraham is a geeky, average guy who works in a bookstore in London and has a bunch of friends as his support system, which includes Raghu Ram of Roadies fame who is playing Omar. The film is set against a London backdrop and John’s self conscious, stammering and geeky persona is reminiscent of Hugh Grant in Notting Hill. But that and the London setting is about all that the film has in common with the Hollywood movie.

The storyline is fresh and unique without the regular clichés, peppered with witty one-liners and of course bumbling “lies” by John which are always covered up by his friends circle which makes for many a funny moment in the romantic comedy.

Pakhi Tyrewalla is convincing and sweet in her essaying of Mishka, who meets John when she dials a suicide helpline number, not knowing that the person she is revealing her deepest and darkest feelings is actually Sidhharth, the guy who she has started seeing after the breakdown of her former relationship.

Raghu’s portrayal of Omar, the Pakistani guy, is cool and the underlying cynicism in his character is brought forth well by his sarcastic remarks and disinterest in all things romantic throughout the movie.

But the zing of Jaane Tu… is missing from the movie and the story line starts off well but meanders along the middle before coming to an expected finish. Watch the movie for its direction, location and performances by the cast specially John Abraham. The storyline and editing could have been tighter or have a bit more substance. The music is also average which includes both the tracks as well as the background score. Rehman’s title track is a peppy number to enjoy, in this one time watch rom-com.

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