Interesting Places In Cambodia

With its temples and air of mystery, Cambodia makes for a fabulous getaway. Cambodia may sound out of the box but is has a lot in store for the discerning traveler and it can offer you the most memorable vacation of a lifetime.Some interesting places to visit in Cambodia comprise of:

Angkor Wat

One of the world’s best known temples and the national symbol of Cambodia, this temple is one of the finest examples of Khmer architecture and was built in the reign of Suryavarman II in the 12th century and dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

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Its highest tower is an incredible 699 feet tall and it is a mausoleum while other Angkor monuments are monasteries or temples.

Bayon Temple

In the heart of the old Angkor Thom city, lies the Bayon with its classic carved face. The Bayon is a Buddhist temple that was built in 1190 AD during the reign of Jayavarman VII.

The temple it’s famous for its enigmatic smiling faces symbolizing compassion and composure that are believed to depict Jayavarman VII. This temple is spread over three levels and the first level is bordered by an intricate bas-relief gallery full of Khemer conquests battles and scenes from daily life of that period.

Ta Prohm

This one completes the list of three must see temples in Cambodia. It was built in 1186 by Jayavarman VII as a monastery and was originally called Raja Vihara (Royal temple). It still almost remains like a jungle temple with a local Spoong and Charay vines intermingling with the structures within.

It is what gives Ta Prohm its unbeatable photogenic appeal and was the reason why the film Tomb Raider starring Angelina Jolie was filmed here. The temple has also benefited from a restoration project aided by the archaeological Survey of India.

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Unwind Options

There are no shortcuts to exploring Cambodia. After the temple tour, visit the Blue Pumpkin oasis located near the old market in Siem Reap to relax and unwind. It’s all white interiors with lounge seating backed with a menu full of scrumptious snacks, pastries, smoothies and coffee.

There is also Viva, a casual Mexican eatery that serves the best frozen margaritas in town along with a range of Mexican favorites like nachos, tacos and enchiladas.

Shop For Souvenirs

You will find a good mix of souvenirs from all over Cambodia and even parts of South East Asia in Psaar Chaa, the old market in Siem Reap. Look for fascinating masks, stunning, silk stoles, jewelry and other handicrafts. Make sure your bargaining skills are at their best before you set foot here.

And if you rather save the energy then head to Mekong Quilts, a nonprofit organization that sells beautiful handmade quilts and supports communities in Cambodia and Vietnam. Or Theam’s house that sells Khmer handicrafts and paintings.

When To Visit

November to April is the best months to visit Cambodia. The rains arrive in May and can be a serious dampener since most of the action is outside away from the comfort of your hotel.

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