Improve Sex Power And Sex Drive With Sunbath

Improve Sex Power And Sex Drive With Sunbath

Sun is one of the biggest source of energy, which provides you life and energy. But you may be surprised to know Sun also increases your sex power. Sun is a natural source and one of the best sources of Vitamin D. Vitamin D boosts your testosterone hormone. Testosterone hormone is one of the most important hormones in men for the functioning of all sexual activities.

Testosterone hormone is the hormone which makes a man look like a MAN! This is the hormone which helps in building strong muscles and it also makes you different from a female. This is the reason why testosterone hormone is also known as male hormone. Testosterone hormone gives you the voice of a male and prevents your breasts to develop like women. This male hormone is also chiefly responsible for the growth of male reproductive organs.

Recently in a research it was found out that sunlight boosted testosterone hormone in man by 69 percent. This happens because skin is stimulated by the ultra violet rays of the Sun which results in the production of 90% vitamin D of the body requirement.

Erectile Dysfunction

If you suffer from reduced level of testosterone hormone you will face weak erection which is also known as erectile dysfunction. People who have reduced level of testosterone hormone suffer from low sperm count. Eventually they become impotent or infertile.

High Level Of Testosterone Boosts Men’s Libido

High level of testosterone boosts men’s libido, stamina and they feel a great difference while performing the act. When you expose your body to sunlight even for 15 minutes daily your body gets sufficient amount of Vitamin D to fulfill all your daily needs of Vitamin D. This happens because your skin produces the majority of vitamin D when you expose it to sunlight.

Eat Eggs

But you should avoid heat in summer season otherwise your skin will get burnt or skin cancer may develop. In winter season you can sunbath at any time if you can enjoy the heat but in other seasons you should sunbath before 9 AM or after 4 PM. Testosterone not only boosts sex drive but it also helps in increasing bone density and cures depression. Hence you must go out in sun at least for fifteen minutes daily. You can also eat eggs (egg yolk), oily fish, meat etc to obtain Vitamin D.

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