Ideas To Use To Write A Boyfriend In Prison

Ideas To Use To Write A Boyfriend In Prison Life lands us in all kinds of situations. One moment you may be singing in the sunshine. The very next moment you could find yourself swept away by the flood of misfortune.  Yet at times life plays another cruel game with us when we are spared but our loved ones are made to suffer. You turn into a victim along with your loved one and start facing a harrowing time.

One example of such a situation is when anyone you love has to serve a prison term. Time in prison is very tough and the victim faces his worst nightmares. They are cut off from the rest of the world confined in their small cages. Even you cannot reach them and share your care and love.

The only way of communication that you have is writing them a letter. Your letter will be the only company your loved one will get in the prison. You have to take extra care and attention to make sure you use this only opportunity of transfer of feelings to the optimum level. Below are some thoughts and insights which will make it easier to write to a prisoner.

Let Love Drip From Your Words

It is challenging to put all your love in that small piece of paper. But try hard. It’s the only chance you got. You can start by narrating some old memories that you have shared together. It can be outings you had together, your first date, good times which both of you cherish or just some silly joke that makes you remember each other.

Let your words show how much you miss them. Talk about how you are always waiting for the day of their freedom. You won’t get to hug or kiss them but atleast you can send them through your letter. Do not just write hugs and kisses to you. Make them remember how you savored those moments spent physically close to each other. Let your emotions flow through your writing. You can even try penning a poem. It will be the most original way to show your love. It will just carry the warmth of your heart directly to your loved one sitting in the prison.

Talk About Your Loved One’s Friends And Family

Friends provide strength in a person’s life. There is little chance of having a meaningful friendship with anyone in prison. Your loved one is sure to miss his/her friends locked in his/her cell. Write about his/her friends. Update your loved one about what his/her friends are doing in life. You may have to take some effort if you don’t know your loved ones friends properly.

Try using common friends as a source and extract information from there. Collect news of as many friends as you can. It would also be good if you find something out about some friend your loved one did not meet for a long time. You can also add some gossip to make things lively for your loved one in prison.

The same goes for his/her family. His/her family members might also be writing to them, but you can always add your own points. Spend some time with your loved one’s family and write about it. It will make him/her feel better and show how much you care. He/she will also be assured that someone is taking care of his/her family and keeping them company.

Update Your Loved One On Current Happenings

The prison provide the inmates with television but anyone hardly watches news on it. You can be a journalist and cover news items of his/her interest. There will be several things that your loved one likes and follows in his/her life. Scan the television, radio or just get on to the World Wide Web and search for the current updates. It can be sports, movies, politics, music- anything that interests your loved one. Collect the news and make it a part of your letter.

Ideas To Use To Write A Boyfriend In Prison

Talk about any recent movies you have seen, or a concert you attended which your loved one might have liked. He/she may not get to enjoy these pleasures in prison, but he/she can surely live those moments by closing his/her eyes after reading your letter. Keeping your loved one aware of the current trends and scenarios will make him/her feel connected to the outside world. It will also help him/her to cope with his/her surroundings after being released from prison.

Put Some Humor Into Your Letter

Prison is a place with grim faces. The clean and sophisticated humor is missing inside the closed walls of the prison. Make your letter bring a smile on your loved one’s face. This is the greatest gift you can give him/her in his/her present life of dullness.

We witness funny events regularly in our life. You two will also have incidents and situations which had made you laugh out loud in the past. Write about those funny moments. Write about anything funny that may have happened to you in recent times. Talk about funny incidents involving people your loved one knows. You can even be creative and create your own words to make him/her laugh. Good humor will lighten him/her up and make him/her stay normal.

Tell Your Love One About Yourself

The agony of separation is sure to hit both of you when you two are so far away. He/she will also be missing you like you are missing him/her. Give him/her a share of yourself through your letter. Talk about your life and things related to you.

You can write just about anything you feel like sharing with your loved one. Tell him/her about your routine, the people whom you meet daily and maybe you can even talk a bit about work. The idea is to make him/her forget his/her present situation and give him/her something else to think about. Share those thoughts and feelings which are locked up inside you. He/she will be able to have the feeling of being with you by reading the letter.

Help Your Loved One To Be Optimistic Through Your Letter

The prison life makes one sad and depressed and pushes one into loneliness. You will also be facing a tough time suffering for your loved one. It is easy to get carried away and dwell too much on the negative thoughts in your letter. You have to make sure that it does not happen! Tell your loved one how much you miss him/her, but don’t overdo it. Share your pain with him/her but keep it within a limit. You should talk more about happy and cheerful things.

You will be your loved one’s source of optimism. You will have to show him/her the light and make him/her live through this. Keep providing him/her hope through your letter. Tell him/her about all the things he/she can do after getting out of prison. Assure your loved one that a normal life waits for him/her at the end of his/her term. Do some research and find out what he/she can take up after being released. Convey that to your loved one when you write to him/her. He/she will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It will also help him/her keep faith on himself/herself and his/her life.

Now take up a paper and pen and start writing. Make it the best letter you have written in your life. Take help from the thoughts discussed above and send a piece of your heart to the heart of your loved one. It may be just a letter that you are sending, but it is a whole world to the person who is receiving it. Keep this in mind when you write to a prisoner whom you love.

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