Tips for How to celebrate your marriage anniversary

25 Marriage anniversary is a special celebration for couples as it signifies their togetherness, love for each other and successful married life.  Couples like to feel special, loved and bonded on a happy occasion like wedding anniversary.

Gifting your partner is the best way to show them your love and affection.  Gift something the partner has been wanting since a long time.  A delicate jewelry set or a branded watch can be good gifts for the occasion.

Surprise your partner.  Order a bouquet to be delivered at your home early in the morning.  Take care to include flowers that your partner has a liking for and attach loving messages to it.  Pamper your partner.  Make the morning breakfast and offer bed tea and breakfast to them.  Do not allow them to get busy.  Keep everything ready beforehand.

Decorate your home in the evening before the partner comes back.  Light candles at appropriate places and put on light music when the partner steps in.  Order a cake that your partner craves for and good quality champagne or wine.  If you and your partner prefer to celebrate indoor, order the best food and have a good time at home.

Alternatively, you can discuss plan with your partner about how both of you want to celebrate the day.  Inviting close family members and friends, and throwing a party can be a good option.  Or you and your partner could go for a movie or theatre, or to your favourite restaurant and feast on deserts.

Some of you may like the idea of renewing your marriage vows and visit your church or temple.  Some of you may like to visit the places you met during courtship days and relive the good memories.

Get away from the routine, and plan a short trip to your favourite holiday destination or any other place that has a special place in your heart.

Express your feelings, love and affection and tell your partner how good it feels to be in the relationship.


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