How to write an E mail?

email Internet has made our world more accessible and fast. Internet is used in each and every country today and people connect to each other through it.  If you are new to the world of internet you need to brush up on the few skills you will be requiring to use the internet properly and wisely.

E mail is an electronic way of sending letter and messages to your friends living in several parts of the world without paying anything for it. Having an email id is very necessary today. You can only write and receive E mails if you have an E mail ID. Learn how to create an e mail id in easy steps in this article.


Step 1

It helps you to communicate with your friends and acquaintances in a jiffy. It is very cheap and you can interact with any one sitting in any remote corner of the world. Since the use of internet has been increased, everyone today has an email id to use for work or business purpose.

Step 2

Once you open up your E mail account, choose the new message or compose option on it. In the first option you need to write the Email address of the person whom you want to send the Email.

Step 3

In the second CC option you can write the addresses of the person whom you want to sent the E mail apart from the primary addressee. The Bcc option is if you want to send an anonymous mail to someone.

Step 4

In the subject write the title or main subject of the E mail. In the body type in the entire message that you want to send to the person through your E mail.

Step 5

After writing your mail you have to click the send option at the bottom and your mail will be send immediately.

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