How to Write a Music Review of a Film

musicwriting Music in a film plays a crucial role sometimes. Some films are even based on a musical theme. In those cases, music reviews of the films are really very important. The music lovers always do a research on the music of a film that they are planning to watch. The role of music in a film is vital as it brings a soothing effect to the film and sometimes adds value to the theme of the story. However, writing reviews on the music of a film is not that easy as it may sound. You need to follow certain tricks to write an authentic music review.  The following tips will definitely help you become a good reviewer. Check them out.

Discuss about the music director of the film. Talk about the earlier films in which he has given music direction and bring a comparison between them. Comparison of works of a same direction becomes important sometimes.

You must have a sense of music to judge this form of art. Listen to the music of the film again and again to get the feeling of the songs and rhythms. Listening for once is not enough to judge a song.

While writing a review of a film’s music, talk about the background music. Share your feelings on whether it suited the theme of the story or not. Remember that you have to be unbiased while giving a judgment on it. Say what you feel and don’t ever misguide your readers to advertise a film and its music.

Write about the singers who have sung in the film. Share your views on whether the voices suited the characters or not. Talk about the song that you liked most and also the one you didn’t like at all. You can always share your thoughts with your readers.


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