How to Write a Love Letter

hwl Writing a love letter has become history today due to the advent of technologies and internet. People have forgotten to write letters to loved one as they now can send e-mails to them. However, the art of writing a letter, especially a love letter can never die.

We should keep it alive and practice it to maintain the 19th century flavor of writing a love letter with the perfect ink, the perfect rose and the perfect scent. Here are some very useful tips on how to write a love letter. Check out the suggestions and evoke the feelings and emotions in your beloved’s heart.

1.    Select the right paper (and elegant one) and a nice color of ink. A match of classy pen and paper should be there for a perfect love letter.

2.    The starting of the letter should be very personal and wrapped with feelings. You may start with “My beloved” or “My dearest” followed by the name of the person. This address is very important as that is the first word your lover would read.

3.    While writing the body of the love letter, you are free to choose your words and pour your personal feelings out there. Love letter is the most personal letter where you can write whatever you want to share with your beloved. You don’t have to follow any hard and fast rules like the essays of the school.

4.    Not necessarily you have to finish the letter at one go. If you feel that you are not getting the proper words, take a short break and come back when you are again filled with romantic words.

5.    While closing the letter, you have to be very careful. End your love letter by something very strong and invoking. Don’t use the common formal endings such as “yours faithfully” or “yours forever”. Rather go for something more powerful and passionate. Play with your imagination.


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